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PERSONA Ovulation Monitor - need advice - CONFUSED..........

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looneytune Wed 05-Sep-07 15:30:42

Borrowed monitor from friend, she gave it me with about 7 sticks. I know I was supposed to wait til I'd had 2 natural cycles (post pill) and supposed to use 16 sticks from same batch for the first month etc.

Well friend said do monitor anyway as those things above are purely because it's used as a contraceptive and all it will do is give me more 'RED' days until it works my cycle out. So, I thought I'd do what she said and reset if any problems.

Today I went out and bought more sticks as ran out. Just opened monitor expecting an orange light (asking for test) like I have for several days. Well.....I'm CD14 today, yesterday's stick showed 2 lines rather than 1 so I was expecting to be asked to test today and maybe even get the ovulating sign. Really confused as it's still got a red light, it's changed to day 14 but it's not asking me to test?????? hmm

Anyone know why?

coleyboy Wed 05-Sep-07 15:33:48

Sorry, I can't remember how to use it. But I'm sure their website has info on it.

fuzzywuzzy Wed 05-Sep-07 15:36:23

did you reset the monitor before you started using it??

The monitor only brings up test times during certain days, and once you've done the tests for the first month you it asks for fewer tests.

Also you only get a four hour time frame in which the monitor asks for a test to be done after that it stops and you miss the test window.

looneytune Wed 05-Sep-07 15:37:39

The website says I should be asked to test on day 6 and then days 9-23 hmm

looneytune Wed 05-Sep-07 15:39:09

My friend gave it me with no batteries, it was set around 6pm on CD1 and has asked for test most days since CD6ish. The time I can test is from 3pm and it HAS updated to new day hmm

fuzzywuzzy Wed 05-Sep-07 15:42:39

You're meant to reset the monitor if your using someone elses/or starting to use perosna again.

Put a test stick in and hold down the memory buttong 9I think that's how you reset it), it will then clear the memory and you can take the stick out and use it begining from your next cycle.
I think your friends monitor may nto have been reset properly which is why it's not askign for all the tests.

Alternatively there is a helpline ring them up and ask.

fuzzywuzzy Wed 05-Sep-07 15:43:26

it automatically updates to a new day every twelve hours it has an internal clock

looneytune Wed 05-Sep-07 15:45:49

Cheers for that, I know she told me she'd reset it but I reckon you're right, can't have been done properly. I was going to phone them but as they say on their website you shouldn't share monitors, I presumed that's all they'd say to me.

Oh well.....wish I had 1 more test spare from what she gave me as wanted to see if the 2nd line was darker today wink

Thanks and sorry if sounded rushed in 4 kids under 5 yrs old and baby is teething and was very noisy at that point.

Thanks again

looneytune Wed 05-Sep-07 15:46:59

Oh, I know about the clock, was just saying that I know it had only just updated (it updates approx 3pm each day

fuzzywuzzy Wed 05-Sep-07 15:53:02

dont tell them your sharing your monitor, just make noises about havign lost the booklet it came with and you've not used it in ages etc.

looneytune Wed 05-Sep-07 16:02:17

I did think of that too but then if I wasn't on very first month, I wouldn't be needing so many tests.......actually...........I could just make out I've not used it for ages and just come off the pill so starting again wink

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