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Positive OPK 9/10 DPO

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Lillybelle05 Tue 25-Feb-20 17:45:49

Hi all,

Long-term MN user here but I've namechanged for this post. I lost my baby last year and am unsure where I stand yet!

I am around 9-10 DPO now (I ovulate on dat 18-19 of a 31 day cycle), confirmed by CM and the usual symptoms at the time.

I've been feeling crampy and full, don't have any HPTs at home so decided to use an OPK. This is the result (photos are unedited). I've also checked my BBT this morning (vaginally) and it was 36.50C. Now it is 37.57C.

I know you won't tell me if I'm pregnant or not, but I'm interested to hear everyone's stories - did you have a positive OPK around similar time and if so what was the result?

I was planning to test on Sunday (the day when my AF is due), but considering whether to do so earlier.

Thanks for your stories in advance. flowers

PS - I will follow up and let you know if I'm pregnant. I hate it when you google a thread and the poster has left without a response!

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Lillybelle05 Tue 25-Feb-20 18:08:41

Anyone??? smile

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Salamander91 Tue 25-Feb-20 18:23:24

I think it's a little early for an opk to be picking up hcg but who knows. I'm nearly 4 weeks post miscarriage atm and still having very faint positive pregnancy tests but opks aren't positive anymore.

Lillybelle05 Tue 25-Feb-20 18:30:14

Thanks Salamander. I've never had such dark OPKs post ovulation before although agree it might be early.

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Lillybelle05 Tue 25-Feb-20 18:35:35

Also very sorry for your loss, I've been there too flowers

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Lillybelle05 Tue 25-Feb-20 20:51:38


I'm getting a bit anxious now, does anyone have any thoughts?

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shhhhs Tue 25-Feb-20 21:48:03

Hi @lillybelle05. When I was pregnant with my first I had spare OPK so did them just to see, and they were glaring positive. That's the only thing I can offer to this thread 😂 hope you get the positive you're after 🤞

Lillybelle05 Tue 25-Feb-20 22:01:36

Thank you @shhhhs and congratulations smile I have this crampy/heavy feeling in my lower tummy. Caved in and bought a couple of HPTs. Think I'll take the first one tomorrow morning 🤞

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shhhhs Tue 25-Feb-20 22:03:12

@lillybell05 I'm not pregnant at the moment, am TTC though, think I'm due to ovulate anyday, although it's taking forever this cycle 😣

When are you due AF?? Good luck with the test!!

shhhhs Tue 25-Feb-20 22:08:46

@lillybelle05, just re read the thread and see you've already said you're due on Sunday. I'll keep everything crossed for you for when you test. Xx

Lillybelle05 Tue 25-Feb-20 22:14:33

I said earlier I'm due this Sunday, but I'm actually due this Saturday, sorry! I don't think I can wait that long though. I hoped not to test early but it's just too hard! I conceived my first one very quickly, but it's been a ride after the loss.

Fingers crossed for you this month @shhhhs🤞

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Lucindaa Tue 25-Feb-20 22:24:27

@Lillybelle05 Sorry for your loss last year.

I ovulated on Saturday 15th so I'm 10 dpo. Had my first cramps this evening and hoping this is implantation following a mmc in Nov.

Over 10 years ttc'ing for baby no.1 and last year was the first time we conceived naturally.

Lu x

Lillybelle05 Tue 25-Feb-20 22:34:49

Oh wow @Lucindaa I'm sorry too. It's a pretty horrid thing to experience both, losing a baby and long-term ttc, I know from experience you have to be extremely resilient to keep going. Fingers crossed for you 🤞

I'll update the thread tomorrow morning. Not being particularly hopeful as I've done this many times before and ended up heartbroken. Although I think I'm stronger now, I'd rather prepare for the worst. I know all too well that even a positive result may not mean that the pregnancy will succeed. It would, however, be nice to finally get over the first hurdle again, at least.

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Lucindaa Tue 25-Feb-20 23:01:43

@Lillybelle05 we are resilient but I take a lot of comfort in these threads sending positivity and getting support!

So I'm sending you a mountain load of good vibes and restful sleep

Lu x

shhhhs Wed 26-Feb-20 06:11:55

@lillybelle05 and @lucindaa how exciting that you are both nearing the end of your TWW, the longest two weeks ever !! @lucindaa like you said, these threads really help!!

@salamamder91 I'm also trying to conceive following a miscarriage in January. It's a weird situation hoping for a negative test so you can start to try again. I hope it happens quickly for you.

Lillybelle05 Wed 26-Feb-20 06:44:46

Morning all. Officially confused - I tested today with FMU, used CB Early Detection, here is the result.

Also used another OPK which came back dark again, it's as dark as they ever get for me with FMU. Photo attached.

BBT increased to 36.59C today.


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shhhhs Wed 26-Feb-20 07:10:29

@lillybelle05 is there any hint of line on the CB? Can't tell from the picture. Unfortunately you can't really go off of the OPK although it is weird, did the OPK definitely say you ovulated last week?

Lillybelle05 Wed 26-Feb-20 08:26:39

@shhhhs I can't tell in real life either! Here is another photo. DH can't see anything, I thought I did see a squinter. Confusing and now I'm going to have to wait till Saturday confused

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pollysproggle Wed 26-Feb-20 08:30:17

I had positive OPK when pregnant OP at a similar dpo but it also showed on a first response around the same time.
I'm not sure if clearblue are as sensitive?

butterflylove81 Wed 26-Feb-20 08:33:43

I had a positive opk at 10 days post ovulation all my pregnancy tests came back negative then got a bfp the day I was due my period it showed up quite late xx

Lillybelle05 Wed 26-Feb-20 09:23:13

Thank you all flowers That's right, FRERs are more sensitive than CB but they have awkward evap lines which confuse me (maybe it's just me being awkward hmm), so I try to avoid them. Think I'll have to wait it out till Saturday now!

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LosingtheTTCplot Wed 26-Feb-20 11:53:40

I can see a line on your CB x

Lillybelle05 Wed 26-Feb-20 16:47:14

Haha @LosingtheTTCplot I could see it too, but you know what it's do indeed lose the TTC plot towards the end of the TWW, don't you! I might be having line eyes.

I bought FRERS today, can't believe I spent more money on them! blush

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Lillybelle05 Thu 27-Feb-20 07:00:05

I think it's game over. This is my FRER from this morning and also the OPK did not stay dark. BBT increased again to 36.77C which is very misleading in my mind, there clearly will be a massive drop tomorrow/Sat before my AF.

The conclusion is you can have avrandom LH surge between ovulation and AF and it means nothing.

Thank you all for cheering on me.

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Lillybelle05 Thu 27-Feb-20 07:02:52

Sorry, photo on the left is the OPK of course (I wish!)

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