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Spotting before period due

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BethN15 Tue 25-Feb-20 09:10:13

Hi everyone. So I got my Implanon removed at the beginning of January and me and my partner have been TTC since. I had my first period after removal on 1st Feb. I am due my period again on Saturday (29th Feb) and I have woke up this morning with very very light spotting. Before I had the Implanon inserted, my menstrual cycle was like clockwork so I don't feel like my period could be early unless the Implanon has altered my cycle. Could this be an early pregnancy sign? I don't want to take a test yet as don't want to be disappointed so want to wait until at least my period is missed but can't help getting my hopes up that it's a sign. Any advice would be great 😩 thanks x

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