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Positive or Evan line?

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Chicken123 Sat 22-Feb-20 22:54:53

I did I test earlier when I got home around 7, I just went and checked it again (I don’t know why, I’m just convinced something is wrong with me atm), and this showed.
Would you say because it’s been a few hours that it’s an evap line? It’s very faint so I’ve had to arrow the pictures..

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Moreinfopls Sat 22-Feb-20 23:00:52

Sorry, i cant see any colour in that line and if it was after the dedicated time, it's probably an evap line...try again tomorrow morning?

Michette Sat 22-Feb-20 23:11:58

Would say the same
Hard to see on dry test :/

Sorry @Chicken123

TinselTitsMcTree Sat 22-Feb-20 23:53:07

I do see something but hard to say. If it is positive, it should show up on a test first thing tomorrow. Good luck (come back and let us know!)

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