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TTC first baby for over a year

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lilyc88 Sun 08-Mar-20 07:12:50

@tryingforbabyone im not sure actually just that we were worried since nothing was happening after a year! good luck to you too smile

tryingforbabyone Mon 24-Feb-20 17:02:52

@lilyc88 were you not ovulating before taking that then? That's good news about the sperm hopefully you'll be in luck soon then!

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lilyc88 Mon 24-Feb-20 06:15:36

@tryingforbabyone yeah I did blood tests for 3 months and it was at a level that says I did ovulate which was reassuring. I’ve been put on letrozole to stimulate ovulation that’s why we were tracking. Yup sperm tests all done and the boys are swimming!

tryingforbabyone Mon 24-Feb-20 05:58:56

@Sunshineand sorry, I hadn't seen your comment last night. Thanks for the advise.

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Sunshineand Sun 23-Feb-20 23:57:18

You're welcome for the advice 🤔

tryingforbabyone Sun 23-Feb-20 21:33:23

@lilyc88 yes I've been using the Flo app. This is my second month of bloods and this time I've used the ovulation tests so I can then have a better idea of when AF arrives because one so know that flo app tends to be pretty accurate for when AF arrives. Have you managed to catch ovulation in your bloods? And has your OH been sent fr sperm analysis?

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lilyc88 Sun 23-Feb-20 07:08:51

Hey! I had to get day 21 blood tests to check if my progesterone levels were good which will also indicate if you are ovulating.

I used the Flo app - you can download this for free and log your periods. On it you will be able to count and find out what days to take your blood test.

I’ve also been TTC for a year and still going...

Sunshineand Sat 22-Feb-20 22:37:56

Hi, I think it's meant to be 7 days after ovulation rather than 7 days before AF. So try temp charting to find out when you ovulated then count 7 days from then.

tryingforbabyone Sat 22-Feb-20 22:36:01

I have now been TTC for over a year. I have always had a regular AF and clear blue ovulation tests showed I was ovulating regularly too. I visited the doctor last month who sent me for blood test to check ovulation and told me to stop the ovulation tests myself. She told me I needed to go to the hospital for blood tests exactly 7 days before AF. Of course this is very difficult and I missed it as the last couple of months strangely, I haven't been regular! This month she has sent me for 2 blood tests to try and catch it but I just have no idea how I know when to go! Has anyone else had this problem? Any advise would be very much appreciated! I feel so lost in this whole process!

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