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TTC after early miscarriage

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witchesandhexs Thu 20-Feb-20 18:20:21

Hi, I know there are already threads for this but I'm not sure which one best fits our situation. Three weeks ago had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and we are now TTC again. Started testing for ovulation and have had lots of flashing smiley faces but no static one as yet. Have 1 DC already and they were heartbroken at the loss of being a big sibling. (They had overheard a conversation about the pregnancy we didn't tell them)

Want to to get pregnant again ASAP and do to could see no reason why we can't try again straight away so here we are smile anyone have any positive experience of getting pregnant again quickly after miscarriage

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Hopin4no4 Thu 20-Feb-20 21:29:54

Hi @witchesandhexs sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. Im in the same situation. I had an early miscarriage (5 weeks) just over 2 weeks ago. My children found out we were pregnant too and our whole family were heartbroken when we lost our baby.
During the miscarriage I doubted Wether I could try again because it was such a horrible experience. However once the bleed stopped I felt like we shouldn't give up so we have been ttc again since. Iv just entered the tww so got everything crossed I catch again.
Hoping you do too. Big hugs to you, I know how hard it is xx

witchesandhexs Fri 21-Feb-20 08:19:21

Hi! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage! It really is awful and as selfish as it sounds you never expect it to happen to you. Ovulation fest still says high but according to the glow app it should hopefully change to peak tomorrow smile. DC is still struggling and keeps going to mention 'I'm going to have a baby brother or sister' think that is the worst part. Fingers crossed you get your BFP soon!

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Hopin4no4 Fri 21-Feb-20 10:07:21

Bless, it's so difficult for them to understand it all isn't it. If we fall pregnant again I'm going to make sure the children don't find out until after 12 week scan. It's not a nice thing to have to deal with your own pain and then theirs too.
I know what you mean about thinking it won't happen to you, I have 3 children and have never had any issues with the pregnancies. Miscarriage was never on my mind. Just shows how common it is sadly.
Fingers crossed for you too hun, they say that we can be more fertile after miscarriage, so here's hoping. Xxx

witchesandhexs Fri 21-Feb-20 10:46:22

Hopefully being more fertile will be true in both our cases! Yes already said to DH DC won't find out next time until we have had a scan and seen a heartbeat etc. Fingers crossed for us both getting BFPs soon! We weren't TTC before the miscarriage but after being so surprised yet excited I'm now really impatient!!

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Michette Fri 21-Feb-20 13:19:13

I got my hopes up reading about more fertility after mc but looks like it’s a myth ladies.
Honestly... been on ttc after MC threads for two months now and most of us don’t conceive soon after.
Wish both best of luck though ❤️
It’s a tough time

witchesandhexs Fri 21-Feb-20 15:19:38

Thank you both for replying!

Sorry to here TTC hasn't been successful for you so far!

I'm trying to remain positive and keep it as relaxed as possible but it is really hard. Especially after not planning it and then having the miscarriage.

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overandoverafail Tue 10-Mar-20 08:35:55

Got a BFP!!!! Faint but definitely there. Feeling really cranky today so not holding out much hope it will continue to stick but for the moment I'm so happy!

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