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1dpo - anyone for the journey

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shelly10111 Thu 20-Feb-20 12:24:41

Hi ladies, I thought after months of reading everyone's fertility posts online I'd come on in the hope to just vent etc to those trying.
I have 2 beautiful daughters 5+6 conceived first month first try - I'm now on 6 month trying with 3 chemical pregnancies so it's getting very emotional now and draining, draining because Ive has the positive tests and then started bleeding so this month I've vowed to not test until I'm a few days late! My cycles are like clockwork 28 days, I've ovulated a day early on day 11 I have my positive so I'm hoping that's a good sign, I'm taking vitamins and folic and had a lot of bed time ... hoping this is the month but going to do my best to relax! smile

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gingerglitter4ever Thu 20-Feb-20 14:30:50


gingerglitter4ever Thu 20-Feb-20 21:54:06

I bumped so others around the same time as you could join in! I’m 11 DPO, with AF due Monday so our timing is off!

Maybe there’s more people who are in the beginning of their fertile window lookin for company too!

karenkeys Thu 20-Feb-20 22:00:45

I’ve ovulated today so a day behind but planning to test when AF is due around 4-5th March. I am trying for my first on cycle 2 now. Had a chemical last month on my first cycle so I feel your pain, although it must be worse having had multiple ☹️ it’s just so cruel. Fingers crossed we’ll have some luck this month!

Shefliesonherownwings Thu 20-Feb-20 23:06:22

Hi I'm 1dpo today too. Got my static smiley yesterday to confirm ovulation.

We are TTC no 2 but sadly we lost our first, our DD last November. She was stillborn at 41 weeks. We are desperate to bring a baby home. We were very luck when we conceived DD the first month of properly trying and this is also our first month of properly trying for her sibling.

My cycles are a bit all over the place still but yesterday was CD 15 so hopefully I'll test around 3/4 March when my app says AF is due.

Foreverblowingbubbles18 Thu 20-Feb-20 23:16:49

Shefliesonherownwings I'm so sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed this is the time for you.
We're TTC #1, had a MC in Sept and chemical last month. Should be ovulating this weekend so going to DTD lots! Good luck ladies x

shelly10111 Fri 21-Feb-20 09:04:19

God I'm so sorry Hun that's awful !! I just feel really lonely in this journey at the moment hence I joined here, I hate the two week wait it's honestly mental torture, I'm really hoping this is our month :/

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Foreverblowingbubbles18 Fri 21-Feb-20 09:49:32

The TWW is the worst isn't it. The other 2 wks at least you can relax as you know nothing is going on. Then the TWW you're wondering if you have every symptom going

shelly10111 Fri 21-Feb-20 10:32:56

I know and just urging something to happen ! Vowed not to text now utter after I'm due on so I don't get anymore heartache

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Shefliesonherownwings Fri 21-Feb-20 12:41:51

I've a headache today and convinced myself it was a symptom of something. Then I had to give myself a talking to as it's impossible to have symptoms at 2dpo!

shelly10111 Sat 22-Feb-20 09:20:58

3dpo - bit of backache and gentle cramps, last month when I had the chemical I have a headache for a solid week, none of that just yet smile

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Foreverblowingbubbles18 Sat 22-Feb-20 12:26:58

Got my static smily today... wish me luck lol x

claireb707 Sat 22-Feb-20 12:31:35

I'm 3dpo today, though not sure we're in with much luck as partner came down with really bad and ended up with sinusitis this week. Fingers crossed the few times at the beginning of the week were enough

karenkeys Sat 22-Feb-20 12:31:41

I got absolutely no symptoms last month when I was briefly pregnant with the chemical. It’s kind of a good thing though as I think it will stop me from trying to symptom spot over the next week or so since I know that it’s possible to be pregnant with no symptoms. We need to try and take our minds off it, as hard as it is! I’ve penciled in Sunday 30th for my first internet cheapie test at 10 DPO

shelly10111 Sat 22-Feb-20 23:12:28

@karenkeys same for me I had headache before the positive but nothing more, I'm too scared to test early again because of the chemicals, I'll just be so paronoid if it's positive and then having my period 😭

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KC68 Sun 23-Feb-20 05:01:33

Currently 3dpo and tried SMEP this month round. It’s our 2nd month of trying for our first baby.
The excitement of the possibilities, but the thought of the unknown is quite consuming.
Sending lots of baby dust to everyone

Shefliesonherownwings Sun 23-Feb-20 09:16:22

Time does seem to go so slowly in the 2WW. DH and I are going away for a few days today so that will hopefully distract me from counting down the days. When we get back I'll be 10dpo. Am going to try to resist testing until around 12 or 13dpo. Ideally I'd wait to see if AF is late but doubt I'll be that disciplined!

shelly10111 Sun 23-Feb-20 09:46:48

@Shefliesonherownwings let us know how you get on, I'm 4dpo now, said I wouldn't count but let's face after the 6th month trying I'm pretty much obsessed with it all now ! But not buying tests, I'm holding out this month, I have a clear blue digital left over so if I'm late I will use that smile

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shelly10111 Tue 25-Feb-20 10:11:45

How are we doing ladies? 6dpo today I'm trying hard not to get too excited but I'm really feeling this is our month, hope Im right! Ahh the wait !

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KC68 Tue 25-Feb-20 10:57:58

I’m 5dpo and holding off as long as I can.
Pregnancy tests are VERY expensive. I have a good feeling about this month too, actually put some planning into it grin
Sending all the good vibes to you all

karenkeys Tue 25-Feb-20 11:24:06

I’m 5 or 6 DPO today and feeling a bit impatient but keeping positive🤞 I’m testing early on Saturday mostly so that I will know if I have another chemical (but just on an Internet cheapie) I’ll do a FRER on the 4th March when AF is due.

Hoping we’ll all have some good luck this month!

Foreverblowingbubbles18 Tue 25-Feb-20 11:35:28

I'm only 4DPO so still being good and not thinking about it too much (how much is too much?!)

shelly10111 Tue 25-Feb-20 19:11:58

So hard isn't it not too over think! This month I have a lot of cervical mucus which is gross! Very bloated ! Very! Keeping my fingers crossed, for a spare clear blue digital to use if one of my poundland cheapies gives me a line

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MabelBunny4 Tue 25-Feb-20 19:36:30

I had a chemical last month, but not really sure what that means for my cycle!
Not using OPKs as been it was the first month trying and we’re really desperate not to make it a super stressful thing (although that’s easier said than done!) and just trying to TTD every couple of days throughout the month.
So I’m not sure whether I would still be due AF as expected around 4th March or whether it would be later because of the bleeding from the chemical?
So not sure when I’d likely ovulate or when I would be classed as AF being late!? (Ironically now finding it stressful 😂)
Anyone got any experience of cycles being off because of a previous chemical or do they just continue as they would have done before?
Might be with some of you ladies testing around 4th but don’t want to be disappointed if it’s a BFN because it’s actually too early!

shelly10111 Tue 25-Feb-20 20:42:52

@MabelBunny4 I've had two chemicals and each time I just resumed as normal, forst one was more of an early misscarriage so I bled a day or two longer but nothing drastic xx

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