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Candycrush426 Thu 20-Feb-20 11:48:10

Hi all,

Looking for some advice. I had a scan in November and it showed a cyst, consultant said it’s a cyst but not a pcos cyst? Going to go again for an internal scan to check the cyst to make sure it either has gone or hasn’t increased in size. If that’s all good then they will put me on Clomifene to ovulate.

Bit of background, came off pill in Jan 2019, trying to conceive since and had about 3/4 periods in that year. As I don’t have periods often I will be given a tablet to provide a bleed (period) and then will take Clomifene days 1-5 from there.

Anyone had any experience with Clomifene? Anything I should do to help or any advice? I’m quiet scared if I’m honest.

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