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How do you categorise your CM

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sh84 Wed 19-Feb-20 15:19:38

As the title says really. I’m cd6 & been taking evening primrose capsules last few days, have had quite a lot of what I would class as watery cm today, consistency of water but cloudy/white colour. I logged it on fertility friend & it’s put that I’m fertile today, I know I’m not fertile as I only stopped af 2 days ago, if I put it as creamy it says not fertile but the app says like milk, cream or mayonnaise for creamy. I personally think there’s a big difference between milk & mayonnaise but anyway. I also did an OPK this morning just to test them out as I’m new to using ic strips so just wanted to see what a negative one looks like. My cm doesn’t really change throughout cycle always watery hence the EPO in the hope it improves the quality, never have EWCM. So my question is do I go with watery or creamy??

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