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So confused by CM

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Chicken123 Wed 19-Feb-20 11:34:38

Hi ladies and gents, just me again..sorry.

After spotting brown stringy blood which turned to pale pink spotting then back to brown on the 10th Feb, I’ve been having twinges anyway, but I’ve woken up this morning with tender nipples, and quite intense period like cramps right at the bottom of my tummy. These have completely stopped but I’ve also had clear, thick, stringy mucus this morning. Sometimes it tinged really ole pink too.

What could this be? Ovulation or the start of my monthly?


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Chicken123 Wed 19-Feb-20 13:31:05

Bump smile

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Michette Wed 19-Feb-20 13:33:50

Do you have opks? Pregnancy tests?
Are you ttc? When was last period?
All depends smile

Chicken123 Wed 19-Feb-20 13:42:29

I don’t know what opks means, sorry,
Pregnancy tests are negative,
Not ttc,
27/12/19-4/01/2020 was a heavy period, then nothing until 9/02/2020-13/02/2020 which was the spotting and then feeling crappy today..X

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MrsCl19 Wed 19-Feb-20 13:49:46

I think it's ovulation!!

I had a week of brown discharge the odd pink spot and then a couple of days later I ovulated and then 9 days later got my bfp smile

Chicken123 Wed 19-Feb-20 14:47:45

Wow, congratulations on your bfp!
I’m not looking for one of those so I’m hoping it’s pms and I’ll come on soon x

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