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Early pregnancy signs after Implanon removal

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BethN15 Mon 17-Feb-20 12:11:03

Hi everyone. So I had my Implanon removed on 2nd January. We have been TTC ever since, I had a period from 1st Feb - 6th Feb. Again, we have been TTC since. I am feeling more hopeful that we will fall pregnant this month. Any very early pregnancy symptoms should I look out for? I'm dying to take a test but think I should wait until the day my next period is due. Any advice would be great! Thanks x

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Beau20 Mon 17-Feb-20 12:22:34

It's hard to say, you won't always get pregnancy symptoms. I've been pregnant 3 times - 1st no symptoms what so ever. 2nd, same feeling as period, cramps, bloating etc. 3rd, really sore boobs and that's it.

Wait until your period is due before you test. There's no guarantee that you will fall pregnant right away. Some people do, I had my implant out in September and still no pregnancy (other than an early miscarriage) and I conceived straight away all other times. The implant totally messed up my hormones.

Good luck x

Beau20 Mon 17-Feb-20 12:24:27

Just read your dates, there's no way you'd be pregnant yet anyway as you are only on CD17. You might not have even ovulated yet as most people ovulate on CD-13-18 based on the average 26-30 day cycle.

You'd be best tracking ovulation to get a good idea on dates.

Michette Mon 17-Feb-20 12:46:27

@beau20 is right
If you are lucky you just ovulated and it is too early to spot anything as it hasn’t implanted or produced any pregnancy hormone yet...
I’d say wait a week to start symptom spotting and take a test?

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