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Pregnancy after Vasectomy

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Tippmam Fri 14-Feb-20 21:21:17

Hi mammies. My husband had a vasectomy almost 2 years ago. My period is due next week but I have been getting light cramps the last 2 weeks. My boobs are huge and they are like road atlases. Could I possibly be pregnant? Has anyone ever got pregnant after their other half got a Vasectomy? Sorry for the long post.

99problemsandthecatis1 Sat 15-Feb-20 05:29:59

Did he get the sperm analysis done following the vasectomy?

Tippmam Sat 15-Feb-20 19:42:48

Ya he did and it came back clear.

OldMotherHenz Sat 15-Feb-20 21:11:19

Have you taken a test? Only way you’ll know for sure.

Tippmam Sat 15-Feb-20 21:44:48

Took 2 both neg. Had cramping lasnite so took the 2nd test this mornin. Il try again in a few days time

OldMotherHenz Sun 16-Feb-20 07:52:07

I’d wait until your AF is due. My husband had the snip 13 years ago. Never had a pregnancy scare but that’s not to say your not. There are many story’s out there of pregnancy’s after vasectomies .

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