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4 days late negative superdrug test

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liv11 Fri 14-Feb-20 15:43:22

Hi all! I'm sure there are millions of posts like this on here, but I'm new to mums net. I'm exhausted already.

This is our first month trying but I'm super hopefulgrin
I'm 4 days late for my period after a super active month with my partnerblush
My cycle is about 29 days and my periods and time leading up to them is usually horrific.

I've done a superdrug own brand test using first morning wee this morning and I was pretty sure it was negative despite having signs I thought were good.

My symptoms so far are eating sausages I made my partner throw out as they tasted. off,
Mild back ache and cramps around the time my period was due but nowhere near as bad as they are usually on my period.
Sore breasts, they were super sore in the night which is what prompted me to take a test this morning.
I've bought a clear blue test after reading the terrible reviews on the superdrug ones on their website.
Just hoping to hear some stories, I was pretty sure I was going to get my first ever positive today and I'm a bit down that I didn't.
I was born at 28 weeks, so there is some chance I may have fertility issues due to Being a prem baby myself.

Hopigg to hear from you all!

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danielasummer Fri 14-Feb-20 15:46:17

@liv11 hi, did you definitely ovulate when you think you did? Also have you taken the Clear Blue? I'd recommend the First Response pregnancy tests as pink dye is clearer than blue and the First Response tests pick up the hormones much quicker than any other test x

liv11 Fri 14-Feb-20 15:51:07

I'm not really keyed up on the whole ovulation thing but if my af are regular should I expect to ovulate at a similar time each month. I haven't used the clear blue, I'm waiting until morning but I might order a fr online, thank you.

The superdrug was pink dye but the reviews are shocking.

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danielasummer Sat 15-Feb-20 18:34:13

@liv11 hi just wondering how you got on this morning?

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