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AF 4 days late, bright red mid-cycle bleed...advice?

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KerryW87 Fri 14-Feb-20 07:53:54


Looking for some advice from anyone more knowledgable!

My cycles the past few months have been 29, 27, and 27. This cycle, I had a big (saturated two tissues) bright red bleed for one day on CD10. I phoned my GP and she gave me an internal examination, and said everything looked healthy and there were no visible reasons for a bright red bleed which is good, but to phone back if it happens next cycle as it isn't typical?

I stopped testing for ovulation (for my own mental wellbeing 😂) but we have a fairly active sex life and so covered most of the window.

Anyway, I'm now on CD 32, so AF is possibly 4 days late. Clear BFNs every day and have had cramping daily so I'm sure it's on it's way.

Could the bright red bleed have messed up my cycle? Possibly meaning I didn't ovulate? Has anyone had something similar? I know it's all speculation, but I can't find any advice on this. I'm just feeling deflated that maybe I'm not working as I should be sad

Thank you!

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