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TTC help/advice/reassurance please!

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NotJust3SmallWords Thu 13-Feb-20 09:04:16

Hi ladies!
I'm not a frequent poster, but have been lurking on these boards and feel I've learned a lot already, so thank you!

I was hoping someone might be able to offer some advice or reassurance as I'm getting worried that I may not be ovulating.

I had my implant out in September 2019. We've been actively ttc our first since October 2019 and I think we're in cycle 6. In November I started using clear blue OPKs (the version where it only gives a static smiley, rather than flashing ones and then static). That first cycle I got a smiley and on the same day had what I assume were ovulation symptoms (cramping, backache etc, very unusual for me). This was in the middle of my fertile window as predicted on the app I was using.
Unfortunately I didn't get pregnant that cycle but wasn't worried as everything seemed in order and I know it can take some time.

However it's been three full cycles since then (in my predicted fertile window for the fourth at the moment) and in that time I've never had a smiley on a OPK or any symptoms at all similar to those I had while ovulating in November. I'm starting to get a bit worried that perhaps I'm not ovulating for some reason.

My period in December was very very light (more a couple of days of spotting really) so I thought maybe I didn't ovulate that cycle. However every other period has been a normal 3 or 4 days with a normal flow.

This month I'm using a different clear blue OPK which apparently predicts high fertile days as well as peak, but I worry I may be clutching at straws!

I'm trying to DTD frequently anyway in hope that I am ovulating and might catch it.

Has anyone else not had positive OPKs (and maybe got pregnant anyway), or otherwise might have any advice or reassurance for me? I don't know if I should go to the doctor, but I'm under 35 so they may just tell me to keep trying for a year.

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