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TTC Pcos, hormone levels, please help!

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JadeH94xo Wed 12-Feb-20 21:46:58

Hi everyone

This is my first post, although I have been an avid reader for years. This is a long one so bare with!

I have a question about progesterone, lh and fsh levels and what you would do next.

A bit of background.

I have suffered with heavy and painful periods since 13 and was diagnosed with ovarian cysts aged 17 through ultrasound scans however I conceived naturally at age 20 and had a healthy pregnancy so didn't worry much about fertility until now.

I have had signs of pcos for years, mainly facial hair and being obese, my bmi was 38 last year, lost 20lbs so bmi is 35 now but still have a long way to go! Currently still losing weight through healthy eating and weight training at the gym 3-4 days a week.

I came off the pill in august 2019 and have been ttc with no luck. I understand it can take a while having been on the pill but I went to doctors to discuss my hormonal symptoms I was getting and mentioned ttc. He tested my testosterone which came back 'high'. He then sent me for progesterone, lh and fsh (?) tests.

These were meant to be done at 7dpo, however as my cycles have been all over the place since coming off the pill (between 29-34 days). It turns out I actually had the tests at 3dpo.

Test results were as follows
Progesterone 22.7
LH 18
FSH level 6
Alongside high testosterone levels.

I have read on mumsnet that LH and FSH should be taken at the beginning of your cycle so is this correct? And with it being 3dpo is the progesterone level irrelevant?

The doctor said my hormone profile was 'a bit off', not terrible but not great either, were his words and he said the results suggest I may not be ovulating. He has put me on metformin to help me lose weight and regulate my hormones.

I have been on metformin 500mg for about a week and I believe I'm in my fertile window (according to my app).

I feel very stressed out now about the pcos and ttc. I'm considering going for a private scan to check my ovaries for follicles which would suggest pcos or give me the all clear.

Anyway enough rambling. I would like to know what these hormones levels mean, are they irrelevant seems as they were taken at wrong time? Should lh and fsh be taken at the beginning of the cycle? What would you do in my position? Am I just worrying over nothing?!

Thank you in advance xx

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JadeH94xo Thu 13-Feb-20 12:24:02

Anyone? X

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