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Copper coil

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LozA94 Wed 12-Feb-20 21:01:40

Need some help!
I have had my copper coil fitted about 2 months ago now, I have twin boys who are 4 and a 5month old daughter so not planning anymore just yet! For the past 2 weeks, I've been getting what feels like cramping in my uterus, and feeling nauseous every single night.. I had my period 2 weeks ago so cant be due another just yet! I just wanna check and see if this is all normal? I havent had the copper coil before, I was on the pill both times which didnt work so I wanted something different, but now fearing this one hasnt worked!

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zinrepus Thu 13-Feb-20 19:34:06

First thing is check your strings and that they're still there. If they're not findable, go see your GP and let them know you can't find your threads. If they are findable... Probably still go see your GP? I had one for a year and change (taken out to TTC) . Cramping is a common side effect, I don't think nausea is.

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