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Help me clarify my thoughts please

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Dancingfairydreams Tue 11-Feb-20 11:37:39

I have diagnosed PCOS, with very heavy painful periods and irregularity, a high BMI, high testosterone & a charming lady beard, & 21 day blood (after a rare period of consistent cycles) have indicated I didnt ovulate.

Does this define me as being infertile?

I'm trying to lose weight & exercise, depression hinders me, but I try my best. I understand currently I would have a too high BMI for some treatment.

I an currently waiting an appointment with gynaecology, GP referred for query endo investigations & TTC for 8 months.

I'm doing slimfast currently, 10lbs down after 3 weeks, I'm taking pregnacare pre conception & have recently started taking chlorine inositol.

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Chicken123 Tue 11-Feb-20 13:23:44

Apart from the supplements you are taking, my best friend is living this exact situation too. So any comments you receive will be so helpful to tell her I’m sure!!
I hope everything works out for you x

Dancingfairydreams Wed 12-Feb-20 18:30:27

Thanks @Chicken123 good luck to your friend too!

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Banoffeepie91 Wed 12-Feb-20 18:40:29

@OP may be a silly question but were your 21 day bloods actually on day 21? Some people don’t ovulate until after this so worth getting them at a different point. I don’t have PCOS but have been using OvuSense to try and pick up ovulation and this cycle I didn’t ovulate until day 23 so day 21 day bloods wouldn’t have picked anything up.
Worth looking at OvuSense if you do have PCOS because it is recommended for that and there’s loads of support from the team and users of it online. There’s also usually a discount code for it somewhere online so you don’t have to pay full price.

Dancingfairydreams Thu 13-Feb-20 13:31:24

Hiya, I had them on day 23 & had my period on day 30, GP is indicating that that's good timing, but am going to rest this cycle to see if any change. I've looked at the ovusense, am a little reluctant to spend much money out atm before my gyn apt, but will definitely look into it again. I've been doing opks too & never had the faintest of lines so guessing that might support the bloods. Thank you for you advice

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