2DPO 2WW Whos with me!!

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feelingpositive2020 Mon 10-Feb-20 14:56:53

Hi Ladies

I am currently 2DPO, been trying over 2 years but this was my first cycle on Chlomid.

Any cycle buddies smile

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19Katie89 Tue 11-Feb-20 15:26:42

Hi @feelingpositive2020 I will join you on our 2ww. I am now 4DPO. How are you feeling?

gingerglitter4ever Tue 11-Feb-20 15:47:23

Hey gals! Count me in! I’m ovulating today so TWW here I come! 😂

19Katie89 Tue 11-Feb-20 16:20:39

Good luck ladies.
Keep me posted on how you are feeling.
I'm only 4dpo and feeling crampy? 🤔

AsSurprisedAsYouAre Tue 11-Feb-20 16:25:35

Hi everyone! Ovulating today or did yesterday, dreading another TWW and very much appreciative of the support threads. Here for moral support, promising not to early test, being sure that this month I wont drive myself spare symptom spotting and then definitely testing at 7DPO because it 'just feels different this time' ... blush wink

feelingpositive2020 Tue 11-Feb-20 16:41:45

@19katie89 Hi, I'm feeling fine. Keep having on and off period like cramps but that's just the Chlomid I presume. How long have you been TTC.

Hi to all the other ladies...welcome to the chat. Hope your all okay xxgrin

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19Katie89 Tue 11-Feb-20 17:53:35

We have been trying since October. I have only started tracking everything properly this month.
What about you?
It's so hard not to test early xx


pineapple2 Tue 11-Feb-20 18:12:22

Count me in please..ovulation today or possibly yesterday...like everyone else it's so hard to not symptom spot.
Used pressed this cycle too..fingers crossed 🤞

lunasunshine Tue 11-Feb-20 18:22:04

Me too please. I am currently 1DPO (I think!). AF due on 24th.

19Katie89 Tue 11-Feb-20 19:19:38

Fingers crossed

Willow146 Tue 11-Feb-20 20:32:39

Can I join! I got a positive opk on Sunday so think I’m 1dpo. My app says period due on 25th feb. Trying not to test early or symptom spot this month but easier said than done. Hoping this thread can keep
Me sane. Never joined anything like this before x

pineapple2 Tue 11-Feb-20 20:37:36

How long have everyone been trying? I've been trying for 2+ years but only half heartedly I suppose but this time round I'm tracking cycles, opk etc..
I'm going to try and not symptom spot either this time and just go with the flow but easier said than done.

19Katie89 Wed 12-Feb-20 06:17:49

This is the first time I have joined any chat like this also, I am normally just reading through other chats looking for advice 🤭
I'm due on around the 22nd.

feelingpositive2020 Wed 12-Feb-20 07:21:01

Been trying now for over 2 years. This is the first cycle though on Chlomid. And also my OH swimmers are not Olympic champions either wink

I'm due on or around the 19th. Not holding out any hope of anything happening though. Not gonna make myself all excited to just then get disappointment x

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19Katie89 Wed 12-Feb-20 07:42:08

We all have each other to help us through this 2ww.
I have my fingers crossed for you all ❤
I just need to distract myself from googling xx

Eatsleepbakerepeat Wed 12-Feb-20 08:45:56

In the TWW too due 20th, tried opks this month but never got a strong positive but 1ish days before I think I ovulated I didnt test for about 36 hoursdo could I have missed it then? I'm trying to be chilled this month last month I got very symptom spotting happy and it wasnt good so trying to not do that this month!

Willow146 Wed 12-Feb-20 09:23:45

I was so convinced last month I was pregnant, I was so gutted when the test was negative. So nice we can support each other smile it’s around day 8/9 I start getting twitchy! Anyone have any ideas on keeping the tests away? 🥴
Fingers crossed for you @feelingpositive2020 that the clomid has made a difference this month

Introvert86 Wed 12-Feb-20 12:42:01

Hello all,
Please can I join, I'm 7DPO and AF due 19th, so halfway through the TWW. I'm addicted to peeing on sticks. Symptoms so far include cramping and headaches. No increased CM and no sore boobs which I hear are typical + signs. Not feeling hopeful and going a bit crazy at the same time.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you all xx

19Katie89 Wed 12-Feb-20 13:19:13

I'm have also been cramping but I'm only 5dpo!! Its going to be a long ass 2ww!!
Fingers crossed for you!!! Xxx

gingerglitter4ever Wed 12-Feb-20 14:11:10

@Willow146 we are cycle twins! According to fertility friend / bbt chart there I ovulated on Sunday and am due AF on the 25th as well, let’s do this!! TWW you ain’t got nothin on me!

Going to keep a hawk eye on possibly implantation dip in my BBT chart this go round, is anyone also charting? My first month doing it and it’s quite interesting but slightly confusing too...

19Katie89 Wed 12-Feb-20 15:47:29

I have never tried charting, how does it work?

Is anyone taking supplements or tried anything in particular to try and help? Xxx

Willow146 Wed 12-Feb-20 17:33:19

@gingerglitter4ever yay that’s exciting! I have everything crossed for us both.

I used conceive plus this month and OPKs, but I used OPKs last month and nothing.

gingerglitter4ever Wed 12-Feb-20 19:48:51

@19Katie89 I use the Fertility Friend app, there I can log my symptoms, basal body temp and when me and DH DTD. I quite like tracking BBT, I keep a thermometer by my bed and take my temp first thing everyday, it’s been interesting so far and not too complicated, I’m just trying to read it accurately and since I have no baseline yet, it’s a bit of a blind march atm.. but I can highly recommend Fertility Friend! And as for vitamins, I take a prenatal multi for folic acid build up 😊

@Willow146 Baby dust to us, it’ll be exciting comparing symptoms as we get further along in the TWW! ✨

19Katie89 Thu 13-Feb-20 06:59:54

@gingerglitter4ever if we are not lucky this month I will try tracking it next month. I have the app My Tracker and I have been using OPKs, the tests came up positive for 2x days in this months fertile window.

How is everyone feeling?

Willow146 Thu 13-Feb-20 07:18:41

I used the clear blue OPKs and got a static smile after 4 days of flashy which is an improvement on last month as I got 9 days of flashy and went out of my mind!! How often are you having sex when getting a positive opk?
I feel ok at the moment, no different than I have every other month but guess it’s still very early. How are you @19katie89

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