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Changing hospital mid pregnancy?

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Liz112 Mon 10-Feb-20 10:28:37

I have entered the second trimester with the delivery die date mid-Aug. 

As we intend to buy a house around Redhill and Merstham area we thought it would be a good idea to move to that area and get a feel of it.

Currently, we are renting in Morden and intend to move around April.

1.  Any impact of changing hospital midway and how does that work?

2. I am currently with St Helier and move then it would be East Surrey Hospital.  Any experience with East Surrey hospital?

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Narcheska Mon 10-Feb-20 10:33:09

No experience with Feb specific hospital but if you change hospitals / trusts you have to be re booked in.

If your low risk / no extra appointments / not under a consultant needed then at this stage it's prob minimal disruption. How many weeks are you? Might be worth touring the labour ward / unit if they offer it

albus55 Mon 10-Feb-20 10:33:55

Slightly different circumstances, but in my first pregnancy I was with hospital 1. Had all my appointments and scans with them, but when I went into labour and rang them they were full so I couldn't go there to deliver. The other three nearest hospitals were also full so ended up being sent to another hospital I'd never been to before. Turns out it was a fantastic hospital and I had a great experience.

I'm currently 33 weeks and am under hospital 1 care again, but told my midwife around half way through that I wanted to go back to hospital 2. She just gave me their phone number and I had to call them and self refer myself there. No complications or issues (so far!)

decisionsincisions Mon 10-Feb-20 10:45:49

Hi OP. I moved hospital during pregnancy. All I had to do was let them know I was moving and they forwarded all the paperwork and notes on so easy in that respect. I had to be re-booked in, as pp has said, and that wasn't a bother and perhaps reassuring that I was seen again.

However, and I am not entirely sure if it is true. I was diagnosed with polyhydromnios in the first Trust and tbh it was apparent something was going on as my bump was huuuge! When I moved trust they measured for excess fluids and said they were happy with fluid volumes and that different trusts have different benchmarks. Anyway I ended up under obstetric care for delivery and the consultant said I definitely did have excess fluid. Led to a complicated and long labour.
The maternity facilities are much better in my new trust and if the labour had occurred as it did then it could have been extremely dangerous for both baby and I.
It was good to be close to new home an didn't have to worry about traveling post surgery with a new born.

All I can reccomend is to be your own advocate and ensure any worries you have are well looked into. Best of luck OP!

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