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Period changes after miscarriage?

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tryingnottogiveup Mon 10-Feb-20 09:28:51

Sorry if this post is TMI and or too long. I've searched and searched on this but couldn't find anything

I miscarried at around 5 weeks on 1st October 2019. My first period arrived on 14 November. Second on 12th December and 3rd on 13th January and finally started today/tomorrow so somewhat regular

Before the MC my period was fairly heavy immediately, did not build up with very red blood and lasted about 5/6 days

Now it's very different, one day of very light pink bleeding that is very stretchy (I don't know how else to describe it) then two/three days of darker but not heavier stringy/stretchy (like bloody EWCM) bleeding

I'm worried as I don't seem to be getting my usual flow back and I don't know if this is stopping us getting pregnant again.

was wondering is anyone else had experienced this or anything similar, do I just need to give it more time or will it never go back to how it was?

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tryingnottogiveup Mon 10-Feb-20 21:33:33

Any one?

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Beanchopper Mon 10-Feb-20 21:37:42

It can mess with your cycles, it's all the hormones. If you find after 3-6months your periods dont settle (aka go back to your normal cycle length) I would mention it to your gp.

ChampooPapi Mon 10-Feb-20 21:53:27

I too miscarried in October , I found out at my twelve week scan but was only around 7 weeks so similar to yourself. I have almost to the word , exactly the same kind of periods as you've described since. I have finally had a more normal period the end of January so I will keep you posted if I get a positive test this month. But I just wanted to reassure you really that I've been to the doctor and it is totally normal. You are having periods so you are ovulating, very unlikely you arnt, it will just take a few more months to catch I expect. But we will have our babies this year I believe, or this time next year. Nearly 80 percent trying get pregnant by the six month point so we just have to keep positive.

All the best to you

tryingnottogiveup Mon 10-Feb-20 22:33:42

Thank you @Beanchopper & @ChampooPapi

It's nice to know I'm not alone and that it's normal, I've been worrying so much that something wasn't right but hopefully I'll get back to normal in a few more cycles

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AliSxo Tue 11-Feb-20 00:35:37

Hey! I miscarried at 5 weeks in early October. My periods since have been heavier, more bloody ewcm and tiny stringy clots, only the last AF has really been close to normal but not what they were. I saw the dr about it he said as long as they're regular not to worry and he said I'm not pregnant in June to go back and they'll do tests and scans. I think it takes a few cycles for them to return to normal, I don't only worry it's affecting me not getting pregnant I'm like convinced it's the reason I'm not so I'm hoping now after 4 cycles that I'll catch again soon xxx

sarahc336 Tue 11-Feb-20 07:07:34

My periods since my Mc have changed too, thinknits quite common. Now I am really heavy on the first two days and then really light flow for maybe 2 more days, they used to be a lot heavier and longer. It's strange isn't it how it can change xx

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