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Terrified I've damaged my fertility

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Guiltyfeminist1 Sun 09-Feb-20 13:53:33

When I was around 17 my then boyfriend cheated on me and gave me chlamydia. I remember that it really really hurt to have sex with him and when I eventually went to the doctors (probably around 4 months later) I discovered I had chlamydia and was treated for it. Then nearly 2 years later another long term boyfriend gave me it again and I was once again treated. I don't know either time exactly how long I had it. Both times I stupidly trusted men and they let me down so badly.

When I first got with my now husband (I was 22) we conceived accidentally about 2 months into our relationship and we felt the timing was wrong (and I mean REALLY wrong! Multiple deaths in family, new job, he was basically homeless due to family issues, I was caring for my terminally ill mother... to name but a few!) so we had an abortion.

Now nearly 3 years later my husband (40) and I (28) have been trying to conceive for nearly 6 months and we've not been successful and I've basically convinced myself that I've had that PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) thing or that my history of chlamydia had damaged me so I can't conceive. I am crying basically every day about it (which I know can't be helpful in terms of stress etc). Please someone talk me down! Or give me some helpful words sad

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SoloMummy Sun 09-Feb-20 14:01:45

At 28, taking 24 months to conceive would be deemed normal.

Given your ohs age, he could have issues that he is unaware of.

In the first instance, if you can afford it I would get you both a private fertility mot.

paintfairy Sun 09-Feb-20 14:08:42

If you conceived before then there's no reason you shouldn't again with reference to PID. And it often takes over a year, so its soon to be panicking.

Ellsbells112 Tue 11-Feb-20 19:49:32

I totally understand you, but since you got pregnant after the infections you are fine. I have a similar back story to you, and I brought it up to the doctor who asked if I got pregnant after the infection which I did so she wasn't worried. smile good luck... I've realised it can just take time sometimes, I'm on cycle 7 (but been off contraception 11 months, 7 months actually tracking) its not happening yet but I got pregnant first go when it was definitely the wrong time too🙄

BeingATwatItsABingThing Tue 11-Feb-20 20:12:34

I have never had an STD or an abortion. I had an unplanned pregnancy at 19 with DH and DD is now 6. It still took DH and I 13 cycles to conceive DC2. I’m now 8 weeks pregnant.

6 months feels like an age but it’s really not that long in terms of TTC. Try not to lose heart.

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