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Join me please , TTC, 36, started Proceive Max and Conceive Plus, desperate for baby

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Adrianoska Wed 05-Feb-20 16:22:39

I am sorry if this thread is not original.
I am 36, I have two kids from a previous marriage (12 and 6).
My second husband is 30, he hasn't got any children and we really want to have a baby. We have been trying only for two-three months but I am not pregnant still and I am getting so worried...
We don't drink and we don't smoke. I have been taking pregnacare conception for two months and it was messing my cycles up a little... I did loads of research and today I bought Proceive Max supplements and Conceive Plus lube. We will see if that makes any difference, there are some brilliant reviews 🤷🏼‍♀️
We have sex almost every day but I ordered some ovulation sticks to see what's going on when. I just finished my period a couple of days ago, on the day 7 now.. Just now I took the first ovo stick and nothing yet.
What do you think, ladies? Anyone in the same boat? Any success stories? Any advice? Shall we start testing together?

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