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Anyone Due af 13th feb tww driving me mad

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Cokezero777 Wed 05-Feb-20 12:49:49

As title says really currently in the tww and is driving me mad Due AF 9 days fingers crossed?! Anyone in the same boat

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ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia Wed 05-Feb-20 12:54:50

Yes!!! Also due on the 13th. TWW also driving me mad!

Cokezero777 Wed 05-Feb-20 12:58:55

Hi! How long are you ttc? Is it for dc1 or have you already got children I've one boy 2 and a half and he is keeping me occupied running round but it still plays on the mind as its most to early to get the pee sticks lol grin

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ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia Wed 05-Feb-20 13:26:19

1 year and 1 month, TTC first child. How long have you been trying?
I’m desperate to test but know it’s whay to early lol

Lola871 Wed 05-Feb-20 14:48:02

I'm due on the 12th, not finding it too bad so far but this is my first TWW so might change my mind in a month or too!!

When are you guys planning to test?

ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia Wed 05-Feb-20 14:54:30

Hoping to hold out until Monday! We are away this weekend so will be unable to test then. So yeah.. Monday or I will be a right wally and end up testing Friday at 8dpo 🤦‍♀️

BabyDancer Wed 05-Feb-20 17:59:44

I'm due AF on 13th Feb! It's my second month TTC. I'm not holding my breath this month though as I had Shingles and didn't get to DTD much around ovulation.

H8624 Wed 05-Feb-20 19:07:35

I'm the day before smile. Last month was obsessing in the TWW but trying to keep my mind off of it this month! Easier said than done...

Cokezero777 Thu 06-Feb-20 16:27:21

Today's BFN shouldn't of tested feel stupid how just couldn't help my self lol AF fue 13th so maybe just wait until then ??
I always think I can see a slither shadow of something in real life but it's the mind playing games lol does anyone else do that

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