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Could this be implantation?

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Petrajayne26 Wed 05-Feb-20 09:35:09

For the last 7 months I have been TTC. I have struggled to track ovulation as I have irregular periods. I also have coeliac disease but it is kept well under control with a gluten free diet for the last 4 months. Yesterday I had faint pink discharge and spotted bright red blood about as big as a 10 pence coin I also craved fruit through out last night. I keep getting hot mainly at night getting super sweaty I had cramps in my c section scar before the discharge and bleeding started. The day before the cramps had a migraine. If I need to pee desperately in the morning as soon as I wake up have cramp in my right side which goes away after I pee. I am continuing to have pink discharge and also my right upper arm aches but think I could have pulled a muscle from carrying my 2 year old son yesterday then later on in the day carried food shopping home. Uploaded photo of where my arm aches. Does this seem like pulled muscle or can it be an early pregnancy symptom? I am also experiencing cramp in my foot and legs. I didn't experience implantation symptoms with my first born only morning sickness and growing wisdom teeth. When would be a good time to do a pregnancy test? When would an early response test be able to detect a pregnancy? Could all these symptoms be implantation? Also can an ecotopic pregnancy cause pain in that location of the arm?

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