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Cervical mucus, TTC.. advice welcome?

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Mummyto1crazy1 Tue 04-Feb-20 22:23:30

Hey, currently TTC baby no2

I have regular periods and use an app to track them to keep on top of when I'm ovulating, this is only the 1st month of trying tho.

Does anyone have experience of CM and does it stop/ dry up if plantation occurs?

I def felt like the CM was starting so we tried, and now just waiting to see if more CM comes, or keep on trying. Really confused.

If anyone has any personal experience it would be a great help?

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Sdoo4 Wed 05-Feb-20 09:16:49

Hey! I’d like to know this too, I use an app to track and think it’s pretty accurate. I had some CM around ovulation time so DTD but a week later I had loads more CM, two days in a row i had white creamy discharge since then I’ve had a tiny bit egg white CM. AF is due today but no sign of it as yet so now I’m unsure if the CM could be pregnancy related or have I ovulated a week later?

Mummyto1crazy1 Wed 05-Feb-20 22:53:01

Sdoo4 sounds like u are about a week further than me at the minute, my fingers are crossed for u, would u mind letting me know how u get on please?

I had a little CM so DTD a few times but now the CM has always turned more into a discharge but still not alot, barely noticable,

It's just a waiting game isn't it? Trying to occupy myself but the mind wanders back.

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