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Low AMH no periods

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Omsairam1 Tue 04-Feb-20 14:33:55

Hi all,
Apologies for a long message. My experience in having a baby is just making me soo bad about myself.
I’m embarrassed and feel hopeless in trying for a baby. I feel so less of a woman especially as doctors don’t even pay much attention and say insensitive things. I’m 42 with very low amh and irregular periods. I spoke to my gP three years ago that my irregular periods and that I’m trying for a baby but they did nothing. I’m not medically qualified to understand it had to do with hormones etc. They didn’t even check my thyroid etc. After pressuring for months, they got my blood test and progesterone was low but they said it’s all ok when I called them. On a holiday in India, I got myself checked by a gynaecologist and he tested my thyroid and Amh and it was v low and I had hypothyroidism. I came back and found a ivf clinic in Harley street suggested by a friend of mine. The clinic emptied my savings by sending me to endless tests to their fav & different clinics. After lots of tests, the doc just said my amh is v low and he cannot do Ivf and I should go to your gp for ovulation induction. Every experience has taken a part of me and the insensitive comments by each doctor has broken me down as a woman. I don’t feel like meeting anyone. I had a doctor sleeping when I was crying while talking to him. It made me feel worthless.

My gp at surgery just ignores me as she mentions me about the age. Because I kept asking for appt with gp about this, they referred me to a fertility hospital but told me that the hospital will do nothing as you’re older than the age limit. I had an appt a month ago at Hammersmith hospital, the doc didn’t see any results or scanned me or asked me much and he said we will go for ovulation induction, I said my Amh was low when I previously tested it privately. So he booked for amh blood test and sent me to Wolfson centre where I was given list of meds to buy from Lloyd’s pharmacy in the hospital. So I took provera and didn’t have my periods so I called in to ask about it & they booked me in to see a doc. The female doc was kind of insensitive. She said were you not told that your treatment won’t work as your Amh is low. She scanned me and told me she can’t see my ovaries. And told me to take the next medication, Clomid. And she was more curious about if I’m paying for this treatment.. for which she kept asking me questions like you don’t qualify, who’s paying for this, are you paying for this, etc. I was actually lost there and wanted to ask her what can be done if it doesn’t work etc but she opened the door and said bye. I wouldn’t have come to a clinic if I didn’t receive a nhs letter, I’m 42 not dead. Then same afternoon a nurse called me on her behalf and said not to take Clomid but I said I was told to take by the doc.. she said we are transferring you back to outpatients and you won’t be going further with this OVulation induction. I ended up buying the injections, medications for ovulation induction which I was told to do so. I just feel like I’m some kind of football, they’re kicking me around. Because of hormonal imbalance, my vaginal area has become very dry so when this doc was doing transvaginal scan, she entered the probe inside and I made a slight sound of discomfort. She asked don’t you have intercourse??? Everyone speaks to me as if I’m a third grade citizen. I’m just a woman, yes an old woman trying to have a baby. Wonder they can talk to women whichever way they can.

Honestly, I do not know who to speak to as I don’t have strong support system. my self confidence soo low. I feel worthless. I just want to have a baby of my own that looks like me and my husband. I’m lost.

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crazychemist Tue 04-Feb-20 15:47:58

Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. I’m afraid I don’t have any advice, but didn’t want to leave you hanging. I don’t have any experience with doctors in this area, but obviously they look at things in quite a clinical way. Could you take lubricant if you are having another scan, or will they not allow that?

gingerbreadslice Tue 04-Feb-20 15:54:41

You're not old at all op I'm sorry to hear what you've been through it sounds awful I have no advice at all just wanted to send my best wishes to you. thanks

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