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Feb Bus Pt 2 ---> March Bus :-)

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Elmlee Sun 02-Feb-20 20:19:33

Over 800 posts on the first thread. Thought I'd make a second thread in case 🥰

Looking for TTC buddies, advise and help. As this is my first time.

Looking forward to continuing our chats ❤️

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Ylladyoll Sun 02-Feb-20 20:28:16

I'm on CD 25, no symptoms, only cramping yesterday for 30mins, was a bit narky PMS today so will likely be on the march bus, dont feel pregnant sad xx

Elmlee Sun 02-Feb-20 21:18:11

@Ylladyoll I'm not pregnant either I've taken a test... I caved in... but it may be to early. I have no idea what my cycle is doing 🤦🏻‍♀️

Just waiting for flo now... think she will be here next few days 👎 need to get on it with my opk tests.

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Nat4392 Sun 02-Feb-20 21:19:16

Might as well hop on the March bus, AF feels like she’s on her way. She’s due to make an appearance in 3 days or so, fingers crossed she doesn’t but really not feeling it this month...

Ylladyoll Sun 02-Feb-20 21:34:39

I'm doubtful I will get pregnant, I'm 44 in April not even entirely sure I'm even releasing good quality eggs. I'm not bothering with doctors as all I get is, my age is against me, my weight is too high etc but I know others have gotten lucky so fingers crossed xx

Anon87 Sun 02-Feb-20 23:51:01

Hi again. Can't believe we've already ran through a month we're 2 days into 😆 All this planning!

Ylladyoll Wed 05-Feb-20 17:28:34

March bus add me to it pls smile

Ylladyoll Wed 05-Feb-20 17:31:59

Took cheap boots strip test nothing within window faint line a couple of hours later before putting it in bin. AF due tomo but usually have two days of brown spotting before which I've had none. I started pregnacare gummies, other pregnacare tabs have caused cycles to lengthen so wondering if that has happened to me?

bernardswatchplease Wed 19-Feb-20 16:49:54

Anyone testing 29th Feb / 1st March...?

Anon87 Wed 19-Feb-20 17:28:10

@bernardswatchplease AF is due 2nd march so I'll be testing around then-ish

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