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Could I be pregnant?

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ktldxo Sun 02-Feb-20 20:18:31

Hi all,

apologies if this is the wrong place to post this!

I have PCOS and I've been attempting to track my cycle although to be honest its been all over the place and very irregular- I can sometimes go months without a period. Anyway, I had a period 10th-15th December, then the 8th-12th January. With these dates the app i was using to track my cycle predicted an ovulation date of 22nd January.

I DTD with my bf on the 23rd Jan but we used the withdrawal method (sorry, TMI!) I then started bleeding on the 30th January, very lightly and just assumed this was the start of another period. I thought this was odd as my periods are usually less regular and have never happened twice a month but put it down to the PCOS. We had unprotected sex that day but then I randomly stopped bleeding the day after so only really bleed very lightly for 2 days so i'm assuming it wasn't actually a period.

With my dates and cycle being all over the place I don't know if I could actually be pregnant? I don't have any symptoms and I did take a test today which was negative but I'm assuming it would have been too early to test anyway!

Just looking for a bit of advice really! We aren't actively trying so to speak but I would be happy to be pregnant but honestly with my cycle all over the place I'm not sure it would even be a possibility

If you've reached this far in my ramblings I appreciate it haha! x

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lucymagoo Sun 02-Feb-20 20:23:16

Sounds like it could have been an implantation bleed. Have you taken a test?

lucymagoo Sun 02-Feb-20 20:24:17

Sorry just read again and you have. My bad! I'd still wait and see as it could be too early smile

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