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Line eyes please

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Symptomspotter86 Sat 01-Feb-20 23:05:24

Only 10DPO maybe even only 9DPO as just going from my static smiley on CB. Is this a potential positive?

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loveskaka Sat 01-Feb-20 23:08:18

Very faint x

virginpinkmartini Sat 01-Feb-20 23:10:05

A definite line.

virginpinkmartini Sat 01-Feb-20 23:13:49

You can see a bit more clearer here, with the contrast turned up and in black and white that there's a line.

Symptomspotter86 Sat 01-Feb-20 23:20:16

@virginpinkmartini thank you! That looks more like how it looks in real life as my photo didnt show it as much. Will test again tomorrow. Really hope it is!

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Bee1710 Sat 01-Feb-20 23:28:01

There is a line. Congratulations xx

babybumpfor2020 Sat 01-Feb-20 23:56:36

Looks like mine I got today

Symptomspotter86 Sun 02-Feb-20 07:38:14

BFN this morning so not sure if that was just a dodgy test? Ergh this TTC business is so crap

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Kneehighinshit Sun 02-Feb-20 07:46:09

Shine your phone's torch light under it from the back. You'll be able to see if there's a line then.

GaaaaarlicBread Sun 02-Feb-20 07:51:01

Don’t lose hope yet , there is a definite line! I got what I thought was a faint line (Never shared it on here though as I wasn’t sure) and then a negative the next day , although people say you can’t get false positives , I tested again a few days later around 12DPO and got a strong line. Currently 10 weeks + 1 so it’s possible! You may be super early and your hormones arent strong yet. X

babybumpfor2020 Sun 02-Feb-20 08:26:16

I also tested with clear blue and clear negative, dodgy batch? Or not enough hcg to detect?

Baby dust to you. Xx

Bl0ndeye Sun 02-Feb-20 08:46:37

Fr tests can can detect 6miu clear blue is 25 miu so probably it’s just not enough for them to detect yet

Symptomspotter86 Sun 02-Feb-20 10:21:12

@itsemily fingers crossed you are right. Thanks for commenting and saying your experience. It gives me slight hope!

@babybumpfor2020 fingers crossed you get a BFP soon. It is such a rollercoaster!

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KADAQ1 Sun 02-Feb-20 11:40:04

I got a faint positive at 10 days then negative the next then by 14 days you couldn’t miss it. Followed by a positive digital one on day 14

Symptomspotter86 Sun 02-Feb-20 14:33:29

I just took a look at my IC one step that I did this morning as well. I know you shouldnt look after the 5 min window but I realised I can see something faint. Probably just an evap or indent though. Pic attached but doesnt show it that well.

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KADAQ1 Tue 04-Feb-20 07:48:48

That’s how mine looked at about 10 DPO

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