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Bloody boobs!

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ParkersMam Fri 31-Jan-20 10:29:20

Hello ladies. I'm in need of some comfort/advice/similar experiences as I'm going absolutely mad.

So we are TTC. I took a cheapy ovulation test Tues 21st Jan. Was very dark line. We DTD Monday 20th and Tueaday 21st. Took another Wednesday 22nd and it was much lighter. Fast forward to this week. My boobs have been horrendously painful all week. Much more than when I'm going to come on but I dont remember them being this bad when early pregnant with my son. Even just moving and them moving hurts. Wearing a bra is uncomfortable, not wearing one means they move more and more pain. They've been hot and just so so heavy and sore and I've been getting the hardening feeling you get when breastfeeding. I took a test this morning which was negative but I'm not due on til Sunday. Haven't really had any other symptoms I dont think. Some cramps but nothing much. I feel almost convinced I am because I've only ever had boobs anything like this when I was pregnant but the negative test has really put a downer on things for me.

Anyone have similar stories or advice or any comfort they can offer? I'll be on pins all weekend til I can test!

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Byets Fri 31-Jan-20 20:50:11

Hi, one of my first symptoms was my boobs! Felt exactly like you're describing them, really heavy sore and hot! I was convinced too that I was pregnant and also took a preg test that came back negative a little bit too early! Boobs didn't start to feel any better though and as soon as I was late got my BFP. Sending lots of hope your way!! You know your own body and it sounds like a huge pregnancy symptom 😊

Hannahb26 Sat 01-Feb-20 22:57:18

I am feeling the same at the moment too. It's really painful and hot any which way! This is my first time TTC though so trying not to get too excited (and still got a week until my period is due) - any advice with painkillers/alleviating the pain would be really appreciated.

NicoleR14 Sun 02-Feb-20 10:26:48

Don't trust the boobs!! I've had constant sore boobs since ttc each month I thought this could be my month and turned out to be af but my boobs never calmed down I'm 4 days past af and they still hurt and gp won't do a thing about them and they changed colour dramatically in my opinion I wouldn't trust them too much I've never had sore boobs until I got my implant removed but if you've never had anything like this before it could be a good sign! Fingers are crossed for you op!

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