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Two Week Wait...baby2020?!!

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MamaSquirrel90 Thu 30-Jan-20 16:58:05

Hi everyone! do and I have been ttc for 7 months with no luck. I have endometriosis and I’ve had 5 laparoscopies to remove it but they’ve told me my fertility isn’t affected... let’s hope not!
Anyway I’m currently 9dpo and got a bfn on a clear blue today sad this tww is so hard, I’ve got every symptom under the sun from 2dpo feel like I’m going crazy - hoping to have others in similar situation to chat to to stop me from losing more marbles! X

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MamaSquirrel90 Thu 30-Jan-20 17:10:25

That’s meant to say DH and I, not DO x

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MamaSquirrel90 Fri 31-Jan-20 08:17:13

Urgh never mind! Af showed herself - I give up. No more ttc too stressful.

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