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Trying to conceive journeys! Everybody jump in!

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mamatoamberplusbump Wed 29-Jan-20 16:15:52

Hi ladies, so basically I've created this thread to bring together some ladies all trying to conceive who want to share the journey with other ladies in the same position. I Google constantly and most posts are old so thought perfect time to start a new one. I am currently on cycle day 20 and 3 (I think) days past ovulation. My cycles have been all over the place since having my implant removed end of September last year. One cycle was 22 days the next was 33 days and the last cycle was 25 days ap basically I am in limbo when AF is due this month! With a bit of luck she doesn't show! So come on ladies let's take this journey together x

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Strawbs20 Wed 29-Jan-20 16:25:02

I'll join! Currently on CD 32 I had my coil removed on the 18th November and my last cycle was 39 days!! I'm not tracking ovulation just trying to take a relaxed approach for the minute, this will be my 3rd child and I too like to Google every single symptom 🙋‍♀️😂

Diamond94 Wed 29-Jan-20 16:34:50

Hey ladies
Ill join too 👋🏼 CD 53 😯 came off the mini pill end of october.. had withdrawal bleed 4 weeks later then bled again 2 weeks later... no AF since 🙄

mamatoamberplusbump Wed 29-Jan-20 16:39:42

Yayy!! Do any of you know how to reply directly to one person I always feel like i cant respond to an individual person because i dont know how lol! This will be my second child if if happens, I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks in April 2017 and miscarriage the beginning of april last year at 7 weeks. I am obsessed with peeing on the sticks lol I got such strong postive opks two and three days before suspected ovulation day. I just hate this journey and going through disappointing cycles. Yes my partner is supportive but I feel they dont really understand in the way that we do!!x

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lanlan23 Wed 29-Jan-20 16:43:56

Hi 👋🏻
We've just decided to TTC our second, but currently on CD 2 as AF decided to come along 10 days early 🙄
Having trouble with short and long cycles for the last few months so hoping this won't cause any problems !! Xxx

mamatoamberplusbump Wed 29-Jan-20 16:46:45

@lanlan23 aww God hopefully this is your month, my cycles were always usually 26-29 pre implant which was only in for 5 months 🙄 now my cycles are either shorter or longer lol we baby danced every day during my fertile window so I'm really hoping this is our month!!

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mamatoamberplusbump Wed 29-Jan-20 16:52:46

@Diamond94 my God that is a long time! Have you taken any tests or noticed any symptoms 🙏🙏

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Ylladyoll Wed 29-Jan-20 17:31:06

My AF is due 6th Feb only managed to BD day after Ovulation so not entirely hopeful however Ovulation was only predicted on app so not via sticks so not certain but there is always next month anyway and keeping things relaxed xx

Diamond94 Wed 29-Jan-20 20:29:22

@mamatoamberplusbump so long story.. and yes its just as confusing to me too 😂🙈
So done a test 16/12/19 got a BFP after feeling exhausted and really sick for a few days! So over like 3 days i done 7 tests, 5 were BFP and 2 BFN.. so basically ended in what I thought was a chemical! Though iv still had no bleed since then.. put it down to my pill etc still trying so leave my system.. but now CD52 so done a test yesterday and there was a faint line.. same again this morning!
So i am soooo confused! Cause surely you cant have a new pregnancy without AF? Or was it just dodgy tests? Or is the 2 recent tests dodgy! I really dont know.. so going to make an appointment tomorrow with my GP 🙄🙈

HLW092 Wed 29-Jan-20 20:42:52

I’ll join 👍🏼 TTC baby #1, came off the pill last April, had withdrawal bleed then no period until December. So i have no idea of my cycle lengths or anything really. Currently CD32, think 10DPO. Tested tonight (who knows why i thought that was wise?!) and obviously BFN.

Introvert86 Wed 29-Jan-20 20:49:50

I'll join too please. I'm 34 trying for baby#1. Been off the pill for 9 months and my cycles still all over the place- some 14 days some 43. been using an app to track AF but that's it, I think the app is a bit rubbish tbh. This is my first cycle using ovulation sticks, currently CD 10 and negative sticks this morning. My partner works away alot so hoping I ovulate this weekend when we are together. Any advice would be welcome smile

Charlottethevet Wed 29-Jan-20 22:43:40

Hi smile
I have been TTC since the start of October- had a withdrawal bleed 2 weeks after coming off. Now on our 3rd cycle. About 8 days Post ovulation at the moment. Starting to get some symptoms- but I feel that they are just the usual PMS signs as opposed to pregnancy (I've decided I'm infertile until proved otherwise... so I don't get disappointed each month haha)

mamatoamberplusbump Thu 30-Jan-20 09:06:26

Aww that sounds promising @Diamond94 hopefully you get answers soon! I'm on cycle day 21 today my last cycle was 25 days so I'm gonna hold off till I'm on cycle day 29 which was my usual cycle length before implant before testing If AF doesn't show before then 🤞 I think I 4 days past ovulation today so too early for symptoms as of yet! But will keep you all in the loop. It definitely makes it less stressful knowing you arent going through it alone x

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mamatoamberplusbump Thu 30-Jan-20 13:04:04

So have been having twinges/sharp but not sore feelings on right side of lower abdomen along with headache and a bit emotional today, went back to my flo app and marked down felt what I thought was ovulation pains on 24th, 25th and 26th which means potentially 4, 5 or 6 days past ovulation. Is it too early for implantation at this stage or am I overthinking my symptoms??

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Mrssendy Thu 30-Jan-20 14:26:09

hi @mamatoamberplusbump I would love to join please! Thank you for starting the thread! I agree with you that it's always nice to have somebody else to talk about TTC especially ones who are in the similar situation as TTC can be such a lonely time. I really am sorry to hear about your MC sad It is such an awful thing. Especially after numerous cycles with BFNs, sigh. And yes men can’t never understand why TTC is so stressful! ergh. I don't really know what implantation feels like but your symptoms sound promising! Fingers crossed you will get your BFP this cycle! How long have you been trying?

DH and I are now TTC #2 and somehow I have a feeling we have secondary infertility. Hopefully not obviously! Few years ago I had an early MC at 6 weeks and then several years after that somehow I got pregnant with DS - he was a total (lovely!) surprise. Anyway. We have been TTC#2 for 11 months now. Period has always been regular and OPK also shows positive ovulation around same day-ish each cycle. We tried SMEP the past 3 cycle - we ended up DTD every single blooming day for a week gosh it is a tiring business! BUT nothing seems to work. Don’t know what we or I did wrong but it just not working. Wonder if it will ever work? sad I haven’t tried Preseed or cough syrup (heard it help CM). After months of disappointment, I think next cycle I will try to take the relaxed approach and we’ll see. Oh not to mention I was 3 days late this month, I was sooooo super excited and thinking to do HPT on Friday morning until AF came this morning! FFS! Anyway hope we will all get our BFPs soon! x

YAX93 Thu 30-Jan-20 15:06:01

Mind if I join too? I'm 26, DH 25 and TTC #1, only my second cycle trying so very new to everything. Was symptom spotting like crazy last month before AF so trying to relax a bit more this month. Think I'm currently around 3dpo and will try and hold off testing until after AF is due this month!

Sussexbythesea84 Thu 30-Jan-20 15:12:52

Hey! Great to see an up to date group.

We’ve been trying since November 2018 and fell pregnant in September 2019 but the pregnancy didn’t last and I miscarried. My heart is aching.

Every month is full of anxiety... I’m due on next week but my boobs are sore, really sore. I suffer with sore boobs before I’m due on but this is something else!

I tested this morning because I’m super impatient and it was negative ( which I knew it would be) I’m getting twinges lower left pelvic area which is always a good sign. Spreading all the baby dust to you all 😘😘

mamatoamberplusbump Thu 30-Jan-20 23:04:24

@Mrssendy weve only been trying since my implant came out in September before my previous miscarriage we had been trying on and off for around 6 months! Its exhausting work! Aww hun hopefully it happens for you it is such a difficult journey especially when waiting it out every month sad it really can be such a lonely time and I really felt I needed to open an up to date group for this reason we all need support and to encourage each other when we feel it isn't happening xxx

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mamatoamberplusbump Thu 30-Jan-20 23:06:48

@YAX93 your more than welcome hun 💞 we all need support during time x

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mamatoamberplusbump Thu 30-Jan-20 23:08:15

@Sussexbythesea84 welcome to the thread hun. I'm so sorry for your loss? Miscarriage is so extremely painfulsad I hope so much you get your bfp you will need to keep up posted on this x

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Pineappletree33 Thu 30-Jan-20 23:21:15

Hi 👋
Ttc number 2. Had a miscarriage over Christmas at 11.5 weeks, just had AF so keen to get started again.

Sussexbythesea84 Fri 31-Jan-20 06:16:30

Feels like the usual monthly period pains this morning. Does anyone take any particular prenatal vitamins? I’ve read on some other groups that people get medicine from amazon, I think it’s so dangerous

mamatoamberplusbump Fri 31-Jan-20 08:25:45

I've been taking prenacare vitamins but will get folic acid from doctors once I know I'm pregnant. Woke up today on cycle day 22 with really dull achy boobs that feel very heavy and uncomfortable hoping this is a sign! I dont recall having sensitive boobs before AF always when I've been pregnant 🤞🙏

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MrsWilk10 Fri 31-Jan-20 18:12:08

Jumping in!

Started trying before Christmas. Had an annoyingly long cycle and ended up being 11 days late Dec/Jan (was due AF Xmas day). Was very disappointing as we thought we had done it! Tested for ovulation last week was positive, DTD and had excruciating boobs this week which is a clear sign for me (I think). Often get sore boobs leading up to AF but nothing like this since I was pregnant and breastfeeding my son. Not due til Sunday but dying to test again (took one this morning which was neg ans really got me down).

What I dont get is how we can feel these symptoms so strongly but it may show up on a test yet! It defies my logic! Anyone else wonder this? Or am I just totally stupid and one of you is gonna tell me the answer 🙈

mamatoamberplusbump Tue 04-Feb-20 11:05:30

Currently on cycle day 26. Around 9 days past ovulation boobs arent aching anymore, every so often they have a slight discomfort. Slight cramps in stomach but not sure If I'm just imagining them or is AF symptoms. Took a FRER yesterday with fmu was obviously negative sad told myself not to test early as good chance I hadn't even had implantation yet. So really just a waiting game to see if AF makes hef dreaded appearance

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