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Confused - no period!

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Mlc1112 Wed 29-Jan-20 15:37:50

So this is my first time posting.
I had a lot of heavy dRk brown spotting the days post Christmas and went to the doctors for blood and swab tests because of it. On 2nd jan, had a bleed with a bit of clotting, wasn’t fur my period for another week (cycles are roughly between 23-25days). Had a BFP x 2, spoke to the docs next day and they said to wait for my period because of chemical pregnancies. So I was feeling anxious and another test on the 6th and it was negative. I was devetasted. ‘Tortious didn’t come that week, and still had symptoms (nausea, frequent peeing, sore boobs) Did another test on 11th negative again.
So I assumed my period would come about 23-25 days after whAt was a possible chemical on 2nd which would have been 25th or 26th jan, no period again. My boobs have been really sore, swollen and a little veiny, so just though my period is late. So Monday 27th, had a little probably like feeling in my lower stomach, then went to
The toilet in the afternoon and had a bleed. Put tampon in, overnight and yesterday and they were all virtually dry but a little brown spotting.
Went to the doctors yesterday who have send me for my more blood tests next week and she’s pretty confident they’ll come back negative, but I am so confused.
I’m terrified to do a test because seeing that it may say negative after last time, it’s too much.

Any advise or answers would be great! I just haven’t have had a period since w/c 16th December now and I’ve been very regular, almost clockwork until then!


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PMB123 Wed 29-Jan-20 19:40:19

So, had to write, because I am having a very similar situation. Last period was 12/12. On 12/30 I started a very light bleed- it was pink, and never really filled a liner. One day it was a little heavier. It was over in about a week. I haven't had a period since then...and don't know if that was a period- If so, it was over a week early (and I'm usually pretty regular). I did take two tests- both's very strange. Just waiting now to see if AF shows up....but I can't help thinking that i might be preg.
So- Mlc1112, you're not alone in this.
Anyone else ever have something similar?

Mlc1112 Wed 29-Jan-20 21:36:31

I did a test today Because I wanted to put it out of my mind and it was negative, but still feel nauseous, Sore boobs and no period. On top of that, my lower belly has felt quite hard and bloated for the past week or so. So confused and also have no idea when I’m going to ovulate!

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PMB123 Fri 31-Jan-20 13:31:27

Did another test myself yesterday. BFN. I too was having that bloated feeling, some pains now and again...boobs would get mild stabbing pains. Maybe I've been just looking for symptoms. After the test yesterday, I've sort of got my mind off thinking I'm preg. Now it's gone 32 days since I had that very early "period"... and still no sign of AF showing up. It's all very perplexing. Grrrrrr.

Mlc1112 Tue 04-Feb-20 11:52:47

It’s bizarre! Why do our bodies do this to us?! still haven’t had a period. My actual last period started on 16th dec, and I’ve had 2 random bleeds that extend extend past a day , the one in early jan(chemical) and the one on 27th! I’m going to do an ovulation test tonight and tomorrow a sit says on my app that’s when it’s likely to be if I counted the 27th as the start of my cycle, but who knows! I’ve also had aches boobs for like 2 weeks now 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’ve booked a holiday for a few months time to get my mind off all of this. It’s stressful, depressing and bloody soul destroying!

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PMB123 Tue 04-Feb-20 13:41:36

So, I did another test on Sunday morning. I thought I saw the tiniest hint of a line, when held in the right light....but did another test yesterday, and saw nothing. Ugh. So frustrating...not knowing what the hell is going on. I have feeling of "fullness" and warmth (weird) in my belly...boob aches once in a while...some lower back pain once in a while...also, I haven't changed my eating patterns, but some of my pants are tight around the waist. Going to wait til the weekend, see if AF shows up, and if not, do another test... Sorry we're both going through this!

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