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Testing 9th Feb

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Sjp17 Tue 28-Jan-20 10:55:46

Hey Ladies!

So many topics to filter through without dates so starting one! I'm currently CD21 & 2DPO, cycle 3 TTC#2, first cycle with accupuncture treatment so 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼

Feeling a bit crampy!

Who's close to same dates? 2 days down 12 to go 😫

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Strawbs20 Tue 28-Jan-20 14:15:16

I don't track ovulation but TTC #3 2nd cycle, period due 4th Feb and hopefully going to hold off testing until then!

Good luck 🀞

Sjp17 Tue 28-Jan-20 20:35:35

@Strawbs20 oh exciting & so close!! Thanks! Good luck to you too!!

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samantha00 Tue 28-Jan-20 21:12:01

Not sure when I ovd but due on the 10th!! Fingers crossed for everyone 🀞🏻

Nat4392 Tue 28-Jan-20 21:16:22

I’m 2DPO, CD16, Attempt #5. I have pretty short cycles so AF is due around the 5th. Fingers crossed this is the month for us all! 🀞🏻

2020wish Tue 28-Jan-20 22:30:58

Af due on the 10th. Not sure when I ovulated as I ran out off sticks. Fingers crossed

Sjp17 Sat 01-Feb-20 02:00:30

How's everyone doing? I'm 6 DPO today and feeling positive and excited, I'm excited I've made it to the bit where implantion could happen in the next few days. I don't think I had any implantion bleeding with my son, but I've never wanted to see a few specs of blood when I wipe so badly! I think I'm going to test a couple days before AF due at 12 DPO.

Have had mild cramps on/off since 2DPO. I know they can't really be anything but wierd I don't usually have these. Anyway! In the part of the TWW where I truly lose my mind.

Come on February be the lucky month 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼

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Nat4392 Sat 01-Feb-20 07:41:03

6DPO here! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Same, I keep checking toilet paper hoping to see a little something πŸ™ˆ my boobs have also been more sore than usual. I’m just hoping this isn’t a sign of an even earlier AF than last month, really want to manage to get to 10DPO...

Indigo89 Sun 02-Feb-20 13:38:11

CD22, due on 11th Feb according to Ovia. My periods only recently returned and still bfing so fertile week was very approximate based on ewcm. DTD at start and end of fertile week as Ovia moved it due to my ewcm observations, so very unlikely but still hoping for a bfp.

Think I'm symptom spotting but gassy and very bloated, tender tummy, emotional and tired but that's cos my DD is ill and not sleeping atm. With DD I'd just come off the pill and fell before first period. Didn't notice any symptoms and found out at 7weeks pregnant do just goes to show, unless you're looking for symptoms you might not notice them.

Sjp17 Sun 02-Feb-20 14:27:03

@Indigo89 I'm still breastfeeding too! I've only had my cycle back around 5 months but it's been irregular hence the accupuncture. 🀞🏼
How old is your little one?
Oh yes I found out with our son when missed period but I don't remember feeling any different to usual, not this whole array of what I thought I felt last month and picking up every twinge so far this month!
I had thought of testing on Friday 7th cos I really wanna know but so scared to get another bfn should try wait till Sunday till af due day. On the fence I know by the end of the week I probably won't be able to stop myself!

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lucymagoo Sun 02-Feb-20 14:53:13

I'm testing around then too! Had a very strong opk last Sunday, not quite a positive but been testing for a month and it was the only spike I had. Hoping I just missed the peak and being hopeful πŸ˜‚

Lb603 Sun 02-Feb-20 15:21:16

Hello all, hope you don't mind me joining. I'm testing on the 8th too. Currently in our second month of trying and based on OPKs I had my peak last Sunday. Fingers crossed for us all.

hanelizabeth Sun 02-Feb-20 15:32:49

AF due 7th/8th February, really hoping for a BFP. Is anyone else due AF around a similar time, if so when are you testing? X

Sjp17 Mon 03-Feb-20 09:54:45

Welcome @lucymagoo @Lb603 @hanelizabeth
I had my peak opk (clearblue advances digital) on sat 25th feb, so expect I ovulated on 26th at CD19. Our 3rd cycle TTC #2. I'm still breastfeeding our son who is 1 next weekend.
My AF due not to arrive sun 9th feb, but I think I'm going to test on the 7th at 12DPO 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼
I'm feeling super calm this cycle compared to how I was last cycle. Also feeling super confident and positive. February is our anniversary, our babies birthday and hopefully soon to be the month we get our next bfp.

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Indigo89 Mon 03-Feb-20 17:21:40

@Sjp17 DD is 18 months and we co-sleep cos she still night feeds confused
I've had a bloated, really uncomfortable stomach all weekend. But it feels more stomach cramps than period type cramps. Still having quite noticeable white creamy cm though at CD23 when I thought it should be dry by now. Crossing everything but won't test unless AF is late.

Sjp17 Mon 03-Feb-20 18:00:17

@Indigo89 mine still night feeds too, we got down to one but just had a rough night and had 2 feeds first time in over a month so hopefully it doesn't affect anything!
Gosh you're good waiting till af is late. That was my original plan this month but I just can't wait!!

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Indigo89 Mon 03-Feb-20 19:51:10

@hanelizabeth Ovia says due 11th Feb. I want to wait until then cos my periods haven't long returned so any dates are pretty approximate for me. When will you test?

@Sjp17 I just don't want to get excited for no reason with my dates still being guesses really at the mo.

Sjp17 Mon 03-Feb-20 22:27:24

@Indigo89 ofcourse! It's such a hard fall when you get excited!

Is anyone tracking bbt as well? 9 dpo today I keep obsessively looking at my charts atm so close but so far. 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼

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Lb603 Tue 04-Feb-20 06:22:12

@Sjp17 not tracking bbt, is it easy to do? I might try that next month alongside OPKs if it's fairly straightforward?

I'm due my period on Sunday, had an OPK peak on Sunday the 26th so assuming I ovulated the 27th. Cheated and tested this morning but a BFN, ordered some frers so think I will test again Saturday if no sign of AF.

hanelizabeth Tue 04-Feb-20 06:50:45

I'm not sure when to test, I'm trying to told out as long as possible 😬 The temptation of buying a couple of tests is unreal, ha! X

Sjp17 Tue 04-Feb-20 09:12:32

@Lb603 yeah it's a bit tedious but as my cycles only newly returned and been irregular I wanted to track to make sure I was ovulating so it helped to see that.
Oh no! Boo about today's negative! But waaay to early! I was planning on testing Friday now I'm thinking again I'll wait till Sunday as I originally said at 14 dpo. Hopefully I can wait. I have tests at home though so if the urge comes over me to test there will be no stopping it!

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Sjp17 Tue 04-Feb-20 09:13:33

@hanelizabeth so so so close! Try hold out till sat?
Hope you get your bfp!
Looking forward to us all getting bfps over the next few days!!!

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lucymagoo Tue 04-Feb-20 10:47:01

I think I'm going to test on Friday which is 11dpo hmm should probably hold out but that's the best I can do I think πŸ˜‚

hanelizabeth Tue 04-Feb-20 11:36:29

Thanks so much, I'll keep you posted! X

Lb603 Tue 04-Feb-20 18:02:42

@Sjp17 I've bought a thermometer so will give it a go, is there a good app to use to input results?
I know, I want to say I will wait until Saturday to test again, but I think I will try a frer on Friday as that will be me 12dpo. Good luck everyone smile

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