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Could this be positive ?

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Binky89 Tue 28-Jan-20 07:46:52

I have been trying for a baby for around 5 months and did this test this morning, am I seeing things after staring at these for so long every month !? My period is due tomorrow so may be too early to even say... Thanks in advance

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Hatepickinganame Tue 28-Jan-20 07:55:26

@Binky89 i can see a v faint line and i can never see them on these type of posts. Id do another test tomorrow or thursday. Fingers crossed x

Binky89 Tue 28-Jan-20 08:02:20

Aww thanks, I never thought it would be so difficult to tell, but then I know I’m way too impatient by testing this early ! I’ll see what happens tomorrow, thanks for replying 😊

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Hatepickinganame Tue 28-Jan-20 08:19:31

@binky89 your welcome, normally i wouldn't say anything cause i cant usyally see a line and i dont want to be the person that ruins someones day 😂 please update tomorrow when you test again!

Binky89 Tue 28-Jan-20 08:22:56

Haha I know what you mean, and I will update tomorrow ! 😊

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Binky89 Wed 29-Jan-20 05:36:35

So I’ve done two more this morning, still very faint and can’t tell if it’s any clearer than yesterday ?

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squee123 Wed 29-Jan-20 05:43:37

looks positive, but those strip tests aren't the best. I would get a Forst Response Early Response, then you'll be know for sure

Binky89 Wed 29-Jan-20 05:47:13

I’m going to get a decent one on the way home from work and do that first thing in the morning, fingers crossed !

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squee123 Wed 29-Jan-20 05:50:33

just avoid the Clear Blue ones, they're really not the best as they are much less sensitive than the First Response

Binky89 Wed 29-Jan-20 05:51:24

Ok thanks, never done this before so no idea about any of this! Thankyou

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HelloRoaring20s Wed 29-Jan-20 05:51:36

My rule of thumb is that if I can see it the poster is always pregnant.

And guess what??????

I can see a line smile

Binky89 Wed 29-Jan-20 05:55:22

Haha fingers crossed then ! It’s my own fault, over the last 6 months I’ve always been way too impatient to wait until a missed period, even though I know I should, especially when using these cheap tests! It’s due today so hopefully nothing will happen and I’ll do a better test in morning x

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BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 29-Jan-20 06:30:10

I got my BFP on a CB early test the day before my FRER so I trust them.

I can definitely see lines on those tests and ICs are always faint.

whiskeyandice Wed 29-Jan-20 06:33:47

The first pic I initially thought there's nothing there but when I zoom in I can see a line. The next pics are still faint but stronger than the first and definitely there! Good luck x

GiveHerHellFromUs Wed 29-Jan-20 06:50:38

I didn't comment yesterday because I couldn't see a line but I can definitely see lines on the new ones!

Binky89 Wed 29-Jan-20 07:42:44

Thanks so much for replying, they are definitely clearer this morning but I know it’s still early as my periods only due today, I’ll do another tomorrow or Friday and update, fingers crossed !

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MsChatterbox Wed 29-Jan-20 07:52:31

Good luck!

Hatepickinganame Wed 29-Jan-20 07:54:53

@Binky89 i can def see the new lines! Fingers crossed and tentative congratulations!

Ellabella234 Wed 29-Jan-20 08:29:37

There's v.v faint line in first photo I cx are but today's tests are definitely a bit less faint so fingers crossed for you. I agree get a frer or boots, pink dye test x

aNonnyMouse1511 Wed 29-Jan-20 08:30:39

Definitely get w first response. I had a real squinter but was very clear on a frer.

Binky89 Wed 29-Jan-20 09:02:14

I’ll get one and do before the weekend, thanks again 😊

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Binky89 Thu 30-Jan-20 05:30:41

The only one in the co op was clear blue, still very faint and today is the first day of my missed period. I’m starting to have doubts now :-(

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Binky89 Thu 30-Jan-20 05:32:12

This one may be a little clearer but not really ..

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Binky89 Thu 30-Jan-20 05:38:19

With flash on x

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Shev1996 Thu 30-Jan-20 05:51:18

Sorry but that’s negative, as was the first one sad

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