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BBT and Opks and letrozole?

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Ellsbells112 Mon 27-Jan-20 19:50:47


I have a question for anyone who might have experienced this, I got flashing smileys Friday Saturday and Sunday mornings, Sunday afternoon I was getting quite bad ovulation pain so I decided to do another opk in the evening which came up as a solid smiley. Hooray haha

From my past experiences I ovulate quickly once I get the static smiley

This month my bbt is a bit crazy because I'm taking letrozole but I got a .3 bbt rise on Sunday and another high temp today just 1 point above, so, is it possible I actually ovulated on Sunday?
Can you get a bbt rise first before a positive opk?? And does that mean you ovulated on the day of the rise? I'm confused
Plus my cervix is hard now, on Saturday and Sunday it was super soft.

I'll show my chart though I think I need another high temp to confirm ovulation

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