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Faint pregnancy test! Week late...

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Littlemeandmine Mon 27-Jan-20 14:24:46


So I’m a week late, although I’ve had some spotting and a pinkish brownish jelly when I took a tampon out (thought I was coming on) done a year and it’s very faint, how do I upload on here please? Going out of my brain here! Xx

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Quiffy Mon 27-Jan-20 14:29:36

Fingers crossed for you 🤞🤞 you need to wait 24/48 hours before you can add pics

lostfrequencies Mon 27-Jan-20 14:33:24

Upload to a site like and share the link with us smile

lostfrequencies Mon 27-Jan-20 14:35:18

Oh wait, tinypic doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Littlemeandmine Sat 07-Mar-20 15:20:21

Hi all,

I totally forgot to reply! Turns out I was pregnant and am currently 10 weeks! Wow! Thanks x

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BuffaloCauliflower Sat 07-Mar-20 15:25:58


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