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Trying to conceive and new job

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LauraPotts Sun 26-Jan-20 16:34:33

Hi, I’m having a bit of a dilemma, I recently started a new job in November and me and my partner both agreed that when I pass my probation in February we will start TTC. However I am now 2 months in and hate it but really don’t want to put off starting a family. I am not sure wether to just stick it out, hope we get pregnant quickly and then I can take my maternity leave when ready, or if I should look for a new job now and hope I am still entitled to some kind of maternity pay. Really stuck on what I should do!

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Sadiee88 Sun 26-Jan-20 20:27:08

I’d stay put if you want company maternity pay, as in the full pay 6 months, half pay the following six etc otherwise it’s just statutory which is around £138 a week, presuming you qualify

Waiting2BAMummy Sun 26-Jan-20 21:21:19

you might want to look into what your maternity benefits are @LauraPotts. You're lucky if you get 6 months full pay and 6 months half @Sadiee88 most companies, mine included, you get 90% of your salary for the first 6 weeks followed by SMP.

If you don't get anything more than the minimum that they have to provide then it may be worth moving jobs anyway as you would still be entitled to SMP.

Sadiee88 Mon 27-Jan-20 00:13:08

Not to mention most companies would frown upon you starting a new job only to go off due to pregnancy. If you fall pregnant in between jobs then you are meant to declare (and if you show, then may have no choice) it to potential new employers.

EL8888 Mon 27-Jan-20 04:34:19

Playing devils advocate but suppose 9 months or more into trying you are not getting anywhere with conceiving? Personally l would look for a job you like more and will want to stay at then start to try

Shev1996 Mon 27-Jan-20 04:37:21

With only two months on your cv in your current role you’ll struggle to find an employer who will not think of you as a flight risk. I would stick it out for at least 6 months even if you don’t get pregnant

Banoffeepie91 Mon 27-Jan-20 05:54:37

I’d definitely look into the maternity policy. If the current company your with has a really good one then stay otherwise have a look at finances and see if you could afford to just get the minimum and move. My company’s one is the standard 6 weeks at 90% and then smp so if I was really hating the job I’d just move. Also worth keeping in mind that if your really stressed (maybe you are if you have the job) then that could affect you getting pregnant so also do what is going to be best for your health. Good luck!

babybumpfor2020 Mon 27-Jan-20 06:13:32

I was in this position been in my jobs 12 months wanted a career change and a baby, went for the baby route we are 19 months ttc and no baby - and still hate the job. I'm in the process for referral for fertility and have lots of extra time off work for tests etc. Had I have moved jobs I may be happier (grass isn't always greener on the other side though) and all the extra time I'm needed off at the minute that may not have been so easy if it was a new job employer etc.

toteswingingit Mon 27-Jan-20 07:06:46

@Sadiee88 you do not have to declare pregnancy at a job interview. There is no legal requirement to do so and a potential employer is not allowed to discriminate against you because of this.

Obviously many people would declare it and relationships at work might be affected but pregnancy is a protected characteristic under the equality act.

Sadiee88 Mon 27-Jan-20 09:27:46

@toteswingingit wouldn’t go down well though would it. They may not be “allowed” to but I bet my bottom dollar they would! grin

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