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Faint lines on boots test strips but negative on first response help!!!

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Emmyc123 Sun 26-Jan-20 15:47:53

Hello everyone sorry to Jump on and congratulations to everyone who had their BFPS!!! Can someone help me I'm put of my mind crazy I'm around 9/10 dpo not quite sure which one and done tests since 4dpo ridiculous I know which were clearly bfn but 2 days ago I was out with friends and had a pulled muscle feeling below my belly button and a sharp stabbing g pain much lower down the day before but it lasted 10 seconds and didn't come back. Very irritable and moody for me snapping when I shouldn't be, and last night for the first time shooting stabbing pains across my boobs when laid I bed never had it before. Had a dream I did a bfp test so woke up and did boots test strip ones which I've used before and got bfn but this one has a line even though its faint !! And the other 2 have even fainter lines but I know they are there, got Hope's up did a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant which may be too soon and then just now so later on in the day after 4 weeks today did a first response and that's a bfn sad I'm so confused with the other faint lines and I've done these tests before and it was bfn with no line what so ever! Can anyone maybe shes SOme light for me? Thanks in advance! Emma xx

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Quiffy Sun 26-Jan-20 15:51:50

As frustrating as it is, I’d give it a few days and test again. The clear blue ones arent as sensitive, so don’t be too worried about that. When is your AF due?

LWMB Sun 26-Jan-20 17:06:19

My AF isn't due until tomorrow, but I have been testing since Thursday. I got my first BFP on the boots tests.. Friday I tried clear blue which was negative and yesterday I tried a clear blue and it was positive 1-2 weeks.
I had negative tests on the FRER tests.
I think some of them just pick up the hcg levels differently.. I know for clear blue it needs a higher level of hcg in the urine.
I would wait for a few days (as hard as it is) and try testing again.
If it's any help, I never used first morning wee.. always did it in the evening and I had different results! My friend was the same - always had negatives in the morning, and positives in the evening.
Best of luck! Let us know how you get on xx

Emmyc123 Sun 26-Jan-20 17:17:25

Hey ! Thanks for your replies! @Quiffy yes I've read about the CB not been very sensitive! Sounds silly but not actually sure when AF is due, I came off the pill 18th december , af came 3rd of Jan for 5 days and then I was doing ovulation tests started off negative then cb digital ones had smiley faces on them only 1 week after period so DTD for the 4 days of my window which I'm pretty sure was ovulation as I had such bad pain for 1 day. But my last period cycle was 42 days!! So really not sure, technically it should be here 3rd feb but they are so all over the place!
@LWMB awww wow congrats on your BFP!! Yes well boots strip cheaper tests nearly all have a faint postive on them starting today. The first response one has nothing sad I will try to wait a few days and do it again! Just really confuses me because I know there is a line there I can see it faint or not! I will keep you guys updated! Xxx

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Emmyc123 Mon 27-Jan-20 05:50:57

Update , done a other this morning the line is still there and appeared quickly but its sooo faint like the same faint as the other sad its only been 24 hours apart! But I thought it would be darker I'm 10 days dpo or 11 xx

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sredwards Mon 27-Jan-20 06:48:23

Have you got any pics?

toteswingingit Mon 27-Jan-20 07:02:55

10dpo is still early!
The 'average' pregnancy will only implant at 9dpo.

Test again in another couple of days and the line will likely be darker x

LWMB Mon 27-Jan-20 07:09:16

I tested at 12DPO and the line was very faint and I got the negative on the clear blue.
I know it's so hard.. believe me it was me a few days ago to hold off going through loads of tests.. but a line is a line regardless of how faint or dark. Try testing again the week after your missed period and it'll be darker then xx

Emmyc123 Mon 27-Jan-20 08:38:41

Hey everyone thanks for your reply, I know lts so early thats why I'm panicking a bit sad I do have pics but I'm not sure how to add them on here? New user! I've tried but cant seem to get to do it il keep trying! Definly not wasting my last CB digital as got not pregnant I think I will wait another 5 to 6 days for that and only hope in the meantime! Xx

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Quiffy Mon 27-Jan-20 10:28:30

@Emmyc123 still early! HCG only doubles every 48-72 hours anyway so might take a few days before your line gets a bit darker.

Emmyc123 Mon 27-Jan-20 11:02:39

Thank you! Do you know why a first response showed nothing yesterday? Not even very faint absolutely nothing. Only the bootsbstrip ones. But I have done the boots strips and they also had nothing on 5 days ago so it cant be faulty! Hate this xxxxx

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lucymagoo Mon 27-Jan-20 11:49:04

Hey I had a false positive on a boots own brand, first response said negative and it turned out I wasn't pregnant. I did some research and a few people have had the same

lucymagoo Mon 27-Jan-20 11:50:46

This was the faint line I had but turned out to be negative

Emmyc123 Mon 27-Jan-20 13:17:02

Hi @lucymagoo I've heard this quite a lot but I haven't got those ones mine are the strips that you dip much thinner, and I have taken them 5 days ago and the line was not there non existent, but the oast 2 days there been a line and had cramps 2 days ago too! I'm hoping it's not lying to me sad xx

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Emmyc123 Mon 27-Jan-20 14:29:51

Update : couldn't hold myself back as I've taken 6 boots strip ones and 5 of them had a line that you can see wmeven though its faing. Went to pound stretcher and bought 3 packs 2 different types of tests. Did it now even though I've my 4th pee today and I had to force it out (hardly any wee there) but tested anyway and I know I can see a faint line on both tests , it cant be an evaporation line as I've read they happen when the tst has dried like a hour or so later not 5 minutes and that is when I checked or maybe 4 mins. I really hope it gets stronger if it is a bfp. But I'm definly not convinced yet sad xxx

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Peggy91 Mon 27-Jan-20 15:44:41

Hi @Emmyc123

I know exactly how you feel! So frustrating isnt it!
I am 10 DPO today and just been to the chemist to get first response test and I'm desperate to do it! I haven't yet done a test this month trying to hold out!
I also have the boots strip ones so may try that after holding my wee for a few hours!

Cramping coming and going now for the past 5 days and boobs are defiantly fuller but I don't if this is PMT!

Emmyc123 Mon 27-Jan-20 16:10:23

They @Peggy91 awww I hope you get your BFP!!@ Yes it is so worrying and frustrating. I know I can definly see the faint lines but I've read it's not even good to test now because the faint lines can mean chemical pregnancy as it's been picked up so early I just cant stop worrying my line hasn't got any darker from yesterday xxx

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Peggy91 Mon 27-Jan-20 16:17:57

@Emmyc123 I couldn't wait and did a test! BFN obviously as too early still! I don't know why i can't wait!

When are you going to test again? I will just wait now for AF to arrive!

Emmyc123 Mon 27-Jan-20 17:07:28

@Peggy91 you have more chance than me as I've heard the later the line shows up like 12 and 13 and 14 dpo it's better news than it showing up faint like 10dpo like me sad I think I I will eventually see the line completely disappear sad going to test every day to see if the line gets stronger, then call the docs as I want to know yes or no and if yes what the levels of hcg are.

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Peggy91 Mon 27-Jan-20 17:14:36

Let me know how you get on @Emmyc123
I have everything crossed for you!

FrancesFlute Mon 27-Jan-20 18:32:05

I hope you get your BFP @Emmyc123. I'm similar DPO but trying to hold out testing yet!

I just wanted to advise against a GP appointment to 'make sure'. I understand you are keen to know but it's not a necessary use of resources and GPs/nurses will generally refuse to test you if you have taken your own tests. Their tests are just the same as cheapy strip ones so will not show anything different. My DH is a GP and explained this to me. I'm not trying to sound harsh but just hope the knowledge helps you.

Emmyc123 Tue 28-Jan-20 11:14:51

Hello everyone and thank you @FrancesFlute for letting me know! I didn't know that, I thought they could confirm with bloods if the hcg level is going up or going down , as I'm having some pain! Sooo update... done test with first morning urine 2 days after the first faint bfp and the line is still faing but these, I think I'm 11dpo today, done around 10 test silly I know but they all have faint lines on them and they are all different tests from different places. I know the faint lines aren't a good sign sad xxx

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FrancesFlute Tue 28-Jan-20 22:24:33

I hope that it is, Emmy! I hadn't heard faint lines were bad, rather a line is a line! Fingers crossed for you. I'm CD30 today and planning to test end of this week I think.

toteswingingit Wed 29-Jan-20 21:27:54

A faint line at 11dpo is not a bad sign! A huge number of people wouldn't see anything at that point.
Try and step away from the tests for a couple of days and test again xx

sredwards Fri 07-Feb-20 18:01:30

@Emmyc123 how you get on?

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