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TTC after multiple miscarriages

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elc19 Sun 26-Jan-20 07:18:57

Hi everyone

I had our 8th miscarriage this week and an ERPC on Thursday, baby sent for genetics.

I'm due to see a fertility specialist in February and this pregnancy we tried aspirin, steroids, clexane and progesterone.

Am I selfish for wanting to be pregnant again? It fills me with dread and worry but I love knowing I'm carrying a little life inside of me and a huge part of me is hoping this is all down to bad luck (after 8, I'd be seriously surprised) but still I feel such a strong urge to try once more using our instincts and not instructions from our dr.

I just want to be pregnant again ASAP and have some hope back in my life, I feel like I've lost everything once again after getting my hopes up that this baby would be able to stick around and be born healthy.

Do you think this is my hormones? Please be honest, if you think I'm crazy/selfish please say so as I'd really like some outsiders points of view on this.

I am obviously planning on waiting until my next period comes and goes as I don't want to risk infection or anything that could damage me physically.

Thanks in advance xx

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