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How to know my DPO based on OPK?

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Chris1989 Fri 24-Jan-20 15:54:07

Hi 😊 I’m trying for a baby this month, my last period was the 29th of December and my last cycle was 32 days (I didn’t measure before that).

Anyway going by all my apps I was due to ovulate on the 15th of January, but I actually had a very dark positive OPK on the morning of the 11th of January - darker than the control line! The next morning it was lighter but probably as dark as the control line. The next day after that there was barely a line.

Do you think I ovulate don’t the 11th or the 12th? I’m either 11dpo or 12dpo. I’m also a bit confused because I read that luteal phases are around 12-14 days, and my due date for my next period is in 6 days - meaning I’d be 17/18dpo! I’m guessing my cycle length must be different this month?

Not sure when to test either, I might be symptom spotting but I feel very fatigued, I’ve had some mild cramps a few nights ago, and my CM has increased!

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Morgane777 Sat 25-Jan-20 14:28:26

Hi @Chris1989,
Apps predict ovulation according to your cycles but our bodies aren't perfect machines. grin
I would trust your OPK. So, according to your lines, I would say you ovulated the 12th. You usually have positive results on OPK 24 to 48 hours before ovulation.
The luteal phase must be at least 10 days for it to be OK. No problem if it's longer... the problem is when it is shorter than 10 days. wink
I would test one day after AF is due.
Hope this helps!
Fingers crossed!

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