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Anyone currently 8 DPO?

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dogvscat Fri 24-Jan-20 11:48:13

I'm 8 DPO today and so far have no signs. I keep thinking I feel twinges but then I just second guess myself and think I must of imagined them.

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KADAQ1 Fri 24-Jan-20 21:20:21

Me too. I did a test this morning can see a very very faint 2nd line

DecemberWisper Fri 24-Jan-20 23:57:27

I am about 8DPO too!

I keep feeling a faint cramping in lower abdomen.. are you getting this? Never been pregnant before so don't know if this is a sign. I am not due on period until 1st week of Feb.

dogvscat Sat 25-Jan-20 09:34:41

@DecemberWisper yes I keep getting this too but it is faint and sometimes I've worried if I imagined it! I'm due on anytime between Thursday and Saturday as periods are always out by a day or two. Have you had any other symptoms?

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dogvscat Sat 25-Jan-20 09:35:06

@KKMK yes I can see that too! Fingers crossed smile

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DecemberWisper Sat 25-Jan-20 11:19:03

@dogvscat mine are very faint also.... I am wondering if I am imagining it too sad It's the wait that is the worst part.

I have a week left until I'm going to be able to test...

Fingers crossed for you! 🤞🏻

KADAQ1 Sat 25-Jan-20 11:27:36

I did another this morning and BFN so I’m thinking it was an evap line. I’m due AF on Friday

paintfairy Sat 25-Jan-20 15:18:31

I'm 8 days today. AF due next Saturday. I find the second week of the 2WW harder than the first, because you are looking for signs and praying your usual signs don't appear! Need to keep busy.....

Maisie17 Sat 25-Jan-20 16:21:29

D8PO today for me. AF due 2 Feb. C4 of trying (properly) and thoroughly sick of it already so really feeling for the ladies that have been at it longer than me. Had a lot of milky white discharge yesterday which is don't think is normal for me. Crossing my fingers for everyone. When are we all testing?

KADAQ1 Sat 25-Jan-20 17:04:04

I had the same discharge yesterday...

DecemberWisper Sat 25-Jan-20 17:04:42

@Maisie17 you are exactly the same timings as me. I've had milky white discharge today. Also been having mild cramping for past 2 days but I don't know if I am imagining it .. sad

Tonight also.. just had a major headache. I am hoping I am lucky this time. Also feel for ladies trying for longer xx

Good luck thanks

OoOoBabyLove Sat 25-Jan-20 17:13:28

Please can I join you ladies in our TWW? I am 8dpo too and on my 2nd cycle of TTC ❤️
I just have no idea what to look out for and everything I read gives advice that every pregnancy is different so trying not to drive myself completely mental by thinking about it 24/7!

DecemberWisper Sat 25-Jan-20 17:18:35

@OoOoBabyLove I am also on second cycle, good luck to you. I am driving myself mad already... google is my best friend at the moment and worst enemy!! I cannot stop googling symptoms as I have no idea what to look out for like yourself.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine who is 11 weeks pregnant with her first. She said the earliest symptom she had was mild cramping a week past ovulation... headaches and very light implantation bleeding. Good luck xx

KADAQ1 Sat 25-Jan-20 17:21:32

Also on second cycle of TTC

OoOoBabyLove Sat 25-Jan-20 17:26:28

@DecemberWisper aw Thankyou so much, same to you too! I have had a headache this week and have had a cold since Thursday. Last cycle my boobs were so sore I was like oooomg I think I'm pregnant, and then AF showed her face on CD34 and I was like wow, our bodies are mental.
but this cycle absolutely nothing. I think overthinking is just horrendous haha. Why can't our partners deal with it? 🙈 x

Maisie17 Sat 25-Jan-20 17:36:13

@DecemberWisper, @OoOoBabyLove - great to be in the D8PO boat with you both! I've been really gassy and bloated today rather than crampy... who knows! It's too easy to overthink this stuff. I'm trying to be more chilled this month - I think the next week is the toughest time... last month when I got my AF (a day late) I was almost relieved I could at least stop obsessing!!

I'm going to hold til Wednesday (D12PO) before I waste a FRER.... might use some ICs in the meantime but trying to forget about it!

DecemberWisper Sat 25-Jan-20 17:39:14

@Maisie17 @OoOoBabyLove good luck to you both.

Baby love I have also had a bad cold! So my non appetite I don't know if it's to do with my cold or early pregnancy symptoms ... give up!

Has anyone heard the saying: 'No woman is more in tune with her body than one trying to conceive' it is so true xx

paintfairy Sat 25-Jan-20 17:42:03

I've been crampy on and off but I'm not sure if I get that anyway? Boobs always hurt so that's not a sign either. Have been gassy. And stomach seems to be operating 'faster' than normal. Lots of gurgling too. Also keep getting what feels like a sore throat coming, on and off, since yesterday.
But I'll get to next weekend and realise none of it meant anything. hmm

I'm not testing though. Not unless I miss my period.

OoOoBabyLove Sat 25-Jan-20 17:47:27

@DecemberWisper @paintfairy @Maisie17 so glad you ladies are going through the final week of the two week wait too!
I am due on on Sunday and if AF doesn't arrive I will take a test then.
I wasn't sure of my cycle length last month so took about 5 tests all BFNs and I know I still don't know for sure i have a 34day cycle, if I'm going by that il test Sunday if she's not here!
So agree with you @DecemberWisper about how Intune we are. I swear I never used to take any notice if i has a stomach cramp, headache, sore boobs lol. X

paintfairy Sat 25-Jan-20 20:11:31

It'll be interesting to check in on here and see if one of us has had any luck! Fingers firmly crossed.

Raizelrea Sat 25-Jan-20 20:36:56

Hello ladies, would it be ok if I joined in as well? I'm 8 DPO and have had a light bleed this morning and keep getting a bit of blood when I wipe (nothing like introducing myself with a bit of TMI 😆). I normally do get spotting around 3 days before my period but I'm not due for another week so I'm confused/annoyed if this is it - a 23 day cycle is unheard of for me. I want to believe it's implantation but I feel like it's too much for that. So currently driving myself crazy, can I join the club?

claireb707 Sun 26-Jan-20 05:55:20

Im 8dpo today, I had mild cramping Friday night, felt horrendous yesterday evening (dizzy, pulse all over the place, boiling hot), didn't sleep much last night but seem ok so far this morning
🤞 to us all

Raizelrea Sun 26-Jan-20 08:42:02

@claireb707 Hi, I remember we used to be on a thread together way back in October or so! Sorry to hear you're still here and hope this is your month! Your symptoms sounds promising!

I have felt like crap all of yesterday, took a test this morning and I can see the faintest line (don't think it would pick up on camera so not going to be uploading it) but I still have brown spotting and cramps so willing it to stick rather. Last time I had this unfortunately it didn't stick and imhad the worst AF, but I'm hoping that the fact I'm getting a faint line at 9 DPO as opposed to 13 DPO is a good sign.

claireb707 Sun 26-Jan-20 08:52:26

Hey @Raizelrea sorry to hear you are still here too. This is cycle 5 for us.
🤞yours is a sticky bean

Carley321 Sun 26-Jan-20 10:12:38

8dpo for me too. I don’t even acknowledge symptoms after 18 months of ttc because I’ve had them all. But interested in how you ladies get off 🤞🤞🤞 for some bfp

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