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Anyone make any sense from these OPKs?

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Continentalmama Fri 24-Jan-20 11:06:12

This is my first month using OPK and I (naively) assumed it would be easy! My app says I was due to ovulate on the 22nd/23rd Jan. although the line was at its darkest on jan 21st it was not as dark as or darker then the control line like I think it's meant to be. Further more it seemed to drop off but I took another test today as seem to be getting more CM again and it appears to be getting darker again! I'm so confused and slightly concerned this means I haven't actually ovulated? Maybe these just aren't for me and I need to just trust my app prediction instead as I have very regular 29/30 day cycles. Any insight from those more clues up would be very appreciated though! Thank you in advance

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BethJade Fri 24-Jan-20 11:18:04

Following as mine are the same atm xxx

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