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How far in advance if TTC to start taking supplements?

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Hippopotas Thu 23-Jan-20 18:35:23

Just as per title really looking to start TTC end of March/start of April and wondering whether I should start on conception supplements now or nearer the time.

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okiedokieme Thu 23-Jan-20 18:39:12

At least one cycle ahead, diet is more important though

Jessie9323 Thu 23-Jan-20 18:39:37

I personally wouldn't bother with them but if you are really keen then maybe a month or so. I'm pregnant with number 2 and number 1 is 1 year old on the 1st feb

BecauseReasons Thu 23-Jan-20 18:41:58

Advice is to start taking folic acid daily 3 months before TTC.

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