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Anyone had a BFP at 8dpo and everything been ok?

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esmerelda1988 Wed 22-Jan-20 21:52:04

Bit of a long and fraught journey to this point but today I got my first ever BFP on an internet cheapie, have done three throughout the afternoon and evening and the last is a pretty strong positive. I'm 8dpo, probably for definite as I had an ultrasound on cd15 and they noted recent ovulation.

But..isn't 8dpo a bit early to test positive? Been googling and apparently it can mean it's ectopic. Any happy stories from a BFP that early?

Thank you

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DottyZebra Thu 23-Jan-20 00:08:36

I got my positive on internet cheapie at 8dpo but it was very faint. My DH thought I am seeing things. Resulted in a healthy baby.

GetTheSprinkles Thu 23-Jan-20 00:24:46

I've heard you get higher HCG (so earlier positives) with multiples, so maybe it's twins!
Got my BFP on 9dpo with a FRER and be is now a healthy 2 month old.

esmerelda1988 Thu 23-Jan-20 03:24:02

Thank you both! Hopefully not twins..I've got a few complications that would make that a really bad idea so not sure what I'd do then!

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