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Bit random - but hot upper legs in the evening?

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paintfairy Wed 22-Jan-20 21:38:36

Anyone ever had this?
TTC cycle 2 now. I'm on CD 16. I have randomly hot upper legs- kind of about half way between knee and hip. Feels hot to the touch as well.

Now, I had never had this before until earlier this month (that would have been more like CD 20 though) when I had it initially. Lasted a few days on and off. Mostly happens between 8pm and 10pm. Stopped before period though and been ok until now. My lower cheeks on my face sometimes start getting warm too, following this.

So I've no idea if it's hormonal or something else? I did read something about menopause that scared me! I hope not! I used to get hot feet on the pill strangely enough, nowhere else though. Suffered for years with it. But it stopped as soon as I came off it.
Or is it something completely unrelated?

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