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TTC and soon to be 39...

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Freya81 Tue 21-Jan-20 22:48:13

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post here. I'm 39 in a couple of months, no kids. DH is 55 and has two adult kids from a previous marriage. Been sort of half trying for a few months. I had a copper iud for a few years until last summer and my periods were a nightmare. Once I had it removed, I noticed I had a 26 day cycle and this month is was only 25! blushThe thing is, I don't really remember what my pre-coil cycle was like, so that could be normal for me, and I never tracked it until ttc. But I've read a few things online and I'm absolutely terrified that I'm already heading for the menopause and I've left it too late to have a child of my own. Feeling quite worried about this and just wanted to chat with others who are going through similar, or who have positive stories to give me some hope! Thanks!

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EverythingNow Wed 22-Jan-20 14:00:35

We started ttc dc4 when I had just turned 38. After 5years on Mirena, and possibly due to age, my cycles were short, I think 26 days on average.

It took 19 cycles to conceive, so I was 39 and a bit, DS was born just after my 40th birthday.

Wishing you lots of luck. If you're over 35 go to the GP after 6m of trying if no luck.

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