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I'm confused! Pregnant on my period?

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eandz13 Tue 21-Jan-20 13:57:00

So I'm 10 weeks pregnant with number 3 and completely confused at how that's worked out. I'm relatively experienced at tracking my cycles etc. According to my ultrasound I conceived around 24th-28th November, but I had a period that began on the 23rd November! Very normal, crampy, heavyish 5 day period, too. I had a smaller bleed around 6th December which I figured was implantation, just to throw that in the works, but now I don't know what it was.
I double checked with the sonographer that she didn't mean that was the date of my last period, and she actually meant my conception/ovulation date, and she said yeah, the date you conceived, and said my period should have been earlier November (it was not). How?! That's surely unlikely. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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firstimemamma Tue 21-Jan-20 14:10:21

I wouldn't worry too much op or think too much of it.

Something similar happened to me too. I went to my scan and they dated my pregnancy - the date of conception according to the sonographer was a day or 2 after I'd finished my period and I hadn't had any sex whatsoever that cycle (nothing until a good week or something after my period had finished).

I tried to explain this to the sonographer but got told pretty bluntly that "sperm can live in a woman for up to 7 days" which I don't doubt for a second but I did ask how this was relevant right now as in my case if the date of conception they were giving me was correct - how could that be possible as there's no sperm to live (if that makes sense!).

In the end we just agreed to disagree and I politely went along with it all even though I know to this day it was incorrect.

On paper my baby came at 41 weeks but I'm telling you now he definitely wasn't conceived straight after my period as I hadn't had sex at all at that stage in my cycle!

The sonographers date pregnancies by measuring the baby and the tiniest inaccuracy in this (which could easily happen - human error) affects the date. I honestly think this comes into play.

You might find it easier just to accept things but secretly know in your head that you're right but I am sorry to hear that you've had this too - it's frustrating!

gossipgirl28 Tue 21-Jan-20 14:14:06

I had this with my first pregnancy. I was tracking my cycles using opks and charting my temp so I know when I ovulated etc.
Ovulated cycle day 25 and then 8 days later I got my period. Normal 4 day period. I decided to test as id been going light headed and just felt different. Got a BFP at 14dpo.
My DD is now 7 months and I'm pregnant with my second!

okiedokieme Tue 21-Jan-20 14:22:20

I actually got pregnant on day 4 of my period, it was the only day it could have happened hmm

tjk10 Tue 21-Jan-20 14:26:13

This happened to me too I just ignored her and kept to my original dates. Any error on the measurements can put due date off.

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