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Is this early BFP?

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Rebs94 Sun 19-Jan-20 20:48:25

After 11 months of TTC after coming off the depo, plus irregular bleeding and a cervical cancer scare(!), I am now looking at a test that I hope to be an early BFP! I am roughly 10dpo, (using opk dipsticks but never had a positive reading, so following calendars from Femometer and Premom apps). I have zero symptoms for either pregnancy or AF, however, in the past my body has sprung both of these onto me in the past with no symptoms at all!

I know it's way too early to test, but how reliable are the one steps from eBay? The line is so faint and difficult to see in some lights, however I can definitely see something! I will be going out first thing tomorrow after the school run to grab a FRER, however I'd like to opinions on this test....

PS. I know I'm probably just seeing things so please feel free to give honest answers! grin

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Pawsin Sun 19-Jan-20 20:54:41

From my experience, these tests aren't reliable - I'll upload a photo of what I got, which turned out to be BFN. I think this early, a very very faint BFP and a evap line are hard to differentiate on these tests. I wouldn't get your hopes up, but my fingers are crossed for you

Rebs94 Sun 19-Jan-20 20:59:32

@Pawsin thanks for replying! I'm guessing it probably is an evap line... I had a similar line this morning after the specified time, however when I looked again around an hour later, the line had disappeared! As you can imagine, this was rather disappointing as I had just told DH that I possibly had a BFP and had gone to show him!

Hopefully, I'll know more tomorrow following results from a FRER!

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Rebs94 Sun 19-Jan-20 21:02:10

@Pawsin please assure me I can see something though, and I'm not just imagining it's therehmm, regardless of whether it's a BFP or BFP? Wondering now if I just have line eyes from staring too long haha

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Pawsin Sun 19-Jan-20 21:06:49

Oh I can 100% see a line! I've read lots of bad reviews about these tests too though with evap lines - which is awful for the false hope it gives people sad I'd leave it a couple of days and test again, or get a FRER. My fingers are crossed for you

Hoping4no4 Sun 19-Jan-20 21:46:17

I'm gonna stick my neck out and say I think it's an early positive. Fingers crossed for you!! 🤞❤

Quiffy Sun 19-Jan-20 21:57:21

Can see the line without even enlarging. I’ve used these before and never seen anything on them, so I’m very hopeful for you getting your bfp ❤️❤️

Mich2020 Sun 19-Jan-20 22:06:31

Eeek good luck. Although they are known for Evaps sometimes I've only ever had a couple and I've taken lots and lots of these think I just had a bad batch xx

toomanyleggings Sun 19-Jan-20 22:44:13

I can see it but it could go either way. I hope you get a more definite positive in a few days

Catlady32 Sun 19-Jan-20 23:17:06

@Rebs94 good luck for morning testing 🙂! I see the line. My early positive was with these tests, at was a very very faint shadow of a line. FRER was much clearer!

Rebs94 Mon 20-Jan-20 17:25:50

Still getting faint BFP on one steps today. Chemist only had clear blue, which o know are less sensitive and as expected that was BFN. I am going to save my second CB for the day AF is actually due now!

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Rebs94 Tue 21-Jan-20 15:48:03

Today's cheapie....

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Michette Tue 21-Jan-20 15:58:53

Have you tried a frer? There are the most reliable in my opinion...
The lines aren’t very full so could be evap that’s the problem on the above test...
fx for you!!!

Michette Tue 21-Jan-20 15:59:04

They are**

Canadianpancake Tue 21-Jan-20 16:04:20

I think they are getting darker @Rebs94! I've also had a very feint BFP today at 11dpo, and a few of symptoms. Feeling dizzy, nauseous like travel sickness, some cramping and some spotting. Seems quite a lot now I've written it down! But after quite a few CPs and early miscarriages I'm cautious about getting my hopes up that it will last. Fingers crossed for us both though! grin

Rebs94 Tue 21-Jan-20 18:21:47

For some reason I can't find any in any shops, will have a to take a trip to a bigger pharmacy to find a FRER! I'm still very dubious about my results so far, another IC has come up BFN so not sure what to think.

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ToTheRegimentIWishIWasThere Tue 21-Jan-20 18:26:24

The one steps are notoriously bad for really strong evaps/shiny shadows recently.

The cheapies though, that definitely looks like its a positive test of the picture was taken in the time frame.

ToTheRegimentIWishIWasThere Tue 21-Jan-20 18:28:09

Also the ICs are 25iu, not sensitive at all. You can get frers on Amazon prime, there are also ones called 'lovia' which are 12.5iu (and are same day delivery if you order them before 12)

motherofdinosau Tue 21-Jan-20 18:41:08

I can deffo see a line in the last picture!! Fingers crossed for you 😉

MsChatterbox Tue 21-Jan-20 18:49:01

I would feel quite happy with that clear and simple test 😊. Good luck and hopefully congratulations 🤞🏻

Rebs94 Wed 22-Jan-20 08:11:54

@Canadianpancake how are you today? This is killing me, I'm doing about 4 tests a day and they are all either negative or the slightest line! Im going to now put the pee sticks away until Saturday and wait! Have you tested at all?

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Canadianpancake Wed 22-Jan-20 16:25:41

Tested this morning and definite bfn, followed by af mid morning with horrendous cramps. Never mind, I'll try again next month.

Rebs94 Wed 22-Jan-20 17:26:23

BFN on FRER for me too! I'm also having cramps so now going to wait for AF to appear! Fingers crossed for us both next cycle!🤞🏻

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Rebs94 Fri 24-Jan-20 07:04:13

I've woken up this morning with mild cramps and loads of EGCM with orange streaks in it. My periods have never started like this, so could this be implantation? Or is it too late in my cycle for that to occur? I'm still getting negative tests so could it be that ovulated late and missed the peak when OPK testing?

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